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CBD GUMMIES – How to Use It?

As we learn more about our health, we learn how both our choices and our environments affect our bodies. We’re not always able to influence our environments to effectively improve our health, but we can focus on making the right choices. Many of us focus on the areas of diet and exercise. Those truly are the pillars of a healthy body and subsequently, a healthy mind. We can, however, choose to aid ourselves in our quest for a healthier self by choosing to use health supplements. Just the addition of a multivitamin helps many people in their health journey. Many people are, however, exploring the options available as we’ve learned more about incorporating herbs, various vitamins and minerals and holistic practices into our health journey. There’s so much to learn that can help us. One ancient practice that’s come into more popular use over the last few years is utilizing cannabidiol or CBD.

What Is It?

CBD is one of the chemical compounds found in marijuana and hemp. Commercially, it’s used mostly in the form of tinctures, CBDfx gummies and oils. Different from tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, CBD isn’t the compound that causes the feeling of being “high” that people typically associate with marijuana use. CBD has been studied extensively by the World Health Organization. WHO has determined that CBD has no major side effects and isn’t addictive. That still begs the question: what does CBD do?

Despite the fact that it doesn’t get you high, CBD still affects your brain. Studies have shown that it’s very useful in treating childhood epilepsy symptoms, especially those which don’t normally respond to antiseizure medication. It also aids people who suffer from insomnia, anxiety and certain types of chronic pain. Pain control studies that utilize CBD have demonstrated its effectiveness in treating both inflammatory and neuropathic pain.

How to Use It?

The Federal Drug Administration has approved the drug Epidiolex, the first CBD-based medication, to treat seizures. Other than that, CBD is widely available in other forms for consumers to use as directed. One popular for ingesting CDB is to take it in gummy form. Usually sweetened, which counteracts the natural bitterness of CBD in other forms, gummies provide an easy to ingest serving in a pre-measured amount. The cannabidiol in these gummies is frequently paired with other known health-boosting vitamins, minerals and herbs. Many CBD gummies come in the same bite as multivitamins. You could also get them paired with turmeric to help with inflammation or with melatonin to aid in sleep. Both turmeric and melatonin have been proven to aid with the associated conditions; CBD reportedly boosts their effectiveness.

Using CBD as a tincture is another popular method for enjoying its benefits. Mixed with a carrier oil to aid in the body’s absorption, CBD tinctures can be taken alone or mixed in with other products, especially edibles. Most CBD oils are produced by maintaining vegan and cruelty-free practices. Tinctures can have either multiple uses or, depending on what’s added to them, can target specific areas that your body may need. Most times, tinctures are taken by directly applying the liquid under your tongue to be absorbed by the body there. Be prepared that most tinctures are bitter. You’ll also need to pay attention to your dosage, as tinctures aren’t pre-measured like gummies. Another way of taking your tincture is to add it to your coffee or tea or into edibles or liquid food like soup, pasta sauce or smoothies.

If you really can’t deal with the bitterness of a tincture, you could try a CBD oil. Oils have more ingredients to make the mixture more palpable, which means you’re more likely to actually take it. You will need to increase the dosage of an oil as opposed to a tincture because the concentration of CBD in the oil is less than that of a tincture. Some of the ingredients included in the oil that won’t be added to a tincture include a sweetener, different or additional carrier oil and various herbs.

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Cannabidiol use is on the rise as a health supplement and you should know if it can help you.

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