Even though you don’t have to, but it is still a good idea to bring refreshing changes to some of the rooms in your home with the change in season. Summer, for example, comes with many changes and you can always get some inspiration from the nature to bring new look to your home.  Any quality and competent home remodeling contractor in Fontana CA will recommend you these amazing solutions.

1-     Use Curtains

This design is most effective when you’d like to bring in the cool night air and keep out hot summer sun. Instead of going for heavy and dark drapery, it’s better that you use curtains. The additional benefit of curtains is that they give you versatility and flexibility in the raging months of summer.

2-     Bring the Outdoor In

The summer basically all bout outdoors! There are flowers, plants, and fresh fruit. You can add a rustic feel to your home by bringing in eco-friendly materials like hemp, and bamboo area rugs. This stuff will add an exotic and natural feeling of the outdoors to your home as summer is all about being flexible and realistic!

3-     Make Views

The best way to welcome summer is to add a breathtaking view to your home. You can maximize the grace by facing your furniture towards the pool, ocean view, or the green lawn. Before making any decision, the enjoyment depends on your emotions. You don’t need to face towards ocean if you don’t like the view. For room additions in Fontana CA, this is the best solution.

4-     Safe for Kids

Summer time means that kids are going to be staying at home. The thrill can be increased manifold by making fabrics machine washable, and other areas casual and fun. When kids create home projects, you can use them as décor to bring class to the house.

5-     Changing Furniture

For fall and winters, dark toned furniture might actually work. However, be sure to change the tone to lighter and aery colors as soon as the summer or spring sets in. In order to bring more brightness and bursts of colors, try using removable slipcovers and different styles of decorative throws. When doing a bathroom remodeling, you might try this.

6-     Go for Green

Summer is a time to enjoy! Lighten up everything from your mood to the tone of your surroundings. One way to do this is to remove heavy rugs and enjoy the cool of bare floors. Instead of using flowers, you may also use greenery to bring a fresh yet casual feel to the environment.

7-     Get a Cottage Feel

Placing items on your home with country feels is a very creative way to change the environment for summers. The best thing is that it doesn’t require a lot on your end. You can simply change the look with a little DIY artwork that perfectly complements other treasures like bottles, and pitchers. This could be a unique idea during a kitchen remodeling project.

8-     Make a New Sweet Spot

This is a pretty useful technique for those who have a small home. Don’t be disappointed if you have a small backyard deck. There’s a way out. Move the tables and chairs onto the grass. You can complement the environment by adding a flower box to the fence. This might bring in a touch of color and personality.

9-     Brighten the Space Up

With a little whitewashed tongue and groove paneling, your room will get a fresh, and clean feel. Throwing pillars will increase the summary mood.

10- Making a Perfect Pair

The perfect combination for summer is one that pairs white with wood. It looks fresh and clean. A splash-colored throw pillow would enhance the interest!

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