8 Stylish Bathroom Tile Ideas

8 Stylish Bathroom Tile Ideas

Having an elegant and aesthetically appealing bathroom is one of the many necessary elements in every bathroom remodeling project. There are various items that are considered to make your bathroom stand out. One of these factors involves bathroom tiles. There can be many options regarding tile selection that can base on their functionality, aesthetic appeal, costs, maintenance, etc.

Here are 8 stylish trending tile ideas that you can choose to place in your bathrooms for a luxurious outlook:

Dimensional Tiles

Apart from the traditional tiles, many full bathroom remodeling companies are providing elegantly made dimensional tiles. Dimensional tiles standout in terms of their geometric appearance. With different sizes and geometric shapes including hexagonal, the tiles prove to be a piece of art. In addition to the difference in the geometry of the tiles, the addition of explicit colors, patterns, etc. bring out a source of enriched ambiance for your bathroom. Bathrooms with wide spaces can be given an artful touch with dimensional tiles that will bring out the perfect outlook!

Matte Finish

Another trendy bathroom tile idea that many of the best quality walk in tub services provider recommends is matte finished tiles. Apart from glossy tiles, matte finished are plain non-reflective tiles that provide smudge free appearance. You would not need to clean them again after a shower. They can easily be placed for your tubs with a track created from the tiles to the tub, shower, and sink. Moreover, matte finished providing an elegant sophistication when used in different colors. They can also be used if you have a craving for dark colored places. However, these tiles have greater maintenance and installation costs but create an awe-inspiring view!

Wood Plank

You can choose to exchange from the regular tiles to wood planks. The wooden plank tiles are available different sizes with widths of 6 inches and lengths carrying from 12-48 inches. Though you can’t apply direct hardwood floors inside bathrooms unless you can afford its maintenance. Applying porcelain wood tiles is a much feasible option. The wooden grain tiles are another option available in the market that you can choose to install for an earthly feel. Additional perks such as wood planks, colored stones placed at the sides, etc. can improve the view!

Marble Tiles

Marble tiles are one of the most trending tile ideas that are being used worldwide. Although they have greater installation and maintenance costs, still, the outlook of your bathroom is improved dynamically, and it gives a stunning appeal! You can choose to install marble in different colors, patterns, lengths and shapes that will suit the theme of your bathroom perfectly. The unique earthly outlook that marble has brings a natural ambiance that one can choose according to their theme. Enjoy the natural finishes with a shiny marble that has been installation superbly!

Textured Tiles

Textured tiles are one of the kind tiles that are being installed for many bathroom remodeling projects. 3-dimensional, depth and variation in the patterns of the tiles bring a subtle and eye attracting appearance for one of kind bathroom outlook. In addition, you can choose to install these tiles at different places according to the theme of the bathroom. Their installation may cost more than the regular gloss tiles but in the end, they will provide a better appeal than the regular tiles! Moreover, these tiles are also available in different color schemes that one can easily choose from!

Textured Tiles

Metallic Finesse

A soon to be an overtaking trend in the tile industry, metallic tiles provide a stunning outlook and makeover for your bathrooms. With their edgy and shiny finesse along with different color schemes, there’s no reason why these tiles wouldn’t give a trendy, modernized look to your bathrooms. Their installation and maintenance costs are a little high; however, the end result guarantees a marvelous and exquisite transformation, which is worth the investment.

Graphic Patterns

One of the most used tile ideas includes graphic patterned tiles. These tiles are available in many intrinsic yet appealing patterns that one can install without stressing out their budgets. They have a higher utility rate than the rest of the tiles as they can easily be placed anywhere in the house. Moreover, an interior designer will also help in creating appealing designs as well as offer consultation on the designs that are perfect for any place.

Plain Whites

Neutrals or plain designs are still one of the most commonly used bathroom tile designs in the market. They have low maintenance and bring a contemporary outlook, which gives a calm sensation. In addition, additional dark color schemes such as red, blue, black, etc. bring an extraordinary eye catching appeal of your bathroom. Colors such as plain whites, grey, cream, etc. are more commonly used because they provide a subtle and relaxing environment, especially for those who take time to relax in their bathrooms with a hot water shower or sitting in a warm water tub.

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