Buying Medicine Online: Is It Safe?

You drive to the pharmacy. Put on your mask. Stand in a social-distance-appropriate line. And wait. According to the Wall Street Journal, you’re likely to wait about 45 minutes.

So, you could waste your time, or you could stay home. COVID-19 and its subsequent lockdowns have proven that we can buy most necessities from home.

In fact, buying groceries and even buying medicine online are fast becoming the norm.

But how do we know it’s safe? Keep reading to learn more about safely buying medicine online

The Importance of Compliance

A staggering two-thirds of Americans are prescribed medication.

But up to half do not take their medication as prescribed. This non-adherence leads to an estimated 125,000 deaths each year. Those are preventable deaths.

Further, this can lead to hundreds of billions of dollars in avoidable medical costs.

There are many reasons why patients may not take medication as suggested by a doctor.

Side Effects

Reading the insert included with any medication can be frightening. All the warnings and potential side effects might leave you nervous. Some people then wonder if the treatment is worth the trouble.

But doctors make the decision to recommend or prescribe a medicine knowing all this. They balance the possible risks with the proposed solutions.

It’s important to trust their knowledge and experience. They are working with you for your wellbeing.


Sometimes people take several medications.

These medications might have different conflicting instructions. You might have to take one before bed. You’ll have another to take only on an empty stomach. And then another with food.

This can cause forgetfulness and confusion that leads to missed medications.


Many patients fail to buy medicine as required due to cost. They reason that they’ve gotten this far without it.

Or they get the medicine and don’t take it as suggested. They ration the medication, taking less than they should be. The idea is to make it last longer. But a smaller dose won’t provide the effect necessary. This can have severe adverse effects.

On the other hand, research suggests that medicine adherence can have positive results.

It has led to a lowered risk of health complications and improved health outcomes. One study showed drug adherence contributed to fewer symptoms and a reduced risk of hospitalization or death.

Yet barriers remain. Patients take their health into their hands all too often.

But what if there were a better way? If you buy medicine online, you’re likely to save time and money.

Buying Medicine Online

There is a better way. With a click of a mouse or a swipe of a touchscreen, you can order your medicine. It’s quick and simple.

It’s important to use only a trusted online pharmacy. This ensures you receive genuine, approved products. It also is safer and more secure.

The benefits of using an online pharmacy to buy medicine are many.


Many patients fear going to the pharmacy for medications due to embarrassment. While medical ailments are nothing to be ashamed of, people still like to keep them private.

When visiting a pharmacy in person, you run the risk of others seeing what you collect. Or they may hear what you and the pharmacist discuss. Maybe you don’t want to run into someone you know while browsing certain products.

Shopping in the privacy of your home eliminates these risks.

Further, trusted online pharmacies have medical professionals on staff. You can still consult with a pharmacist. But you do so in the peace and quiet you choose, often in a pop-up chat.


Because you can shop for medicine online, you can do so when and where you please. There is no more rushing to get to the pharmacy before it closes.

Forget about wasting your lunch hour standing in line for medication.
Save yourself the drive and the wait.

But take your time. Too often, people rush through stores. Busy lives dictate hurried schedules.

So, purchase medicine online. And relax. Feel free to read through all documents and postings at your leisure. You won’t have to worry about disturbing anyone or causing a longer wait for those behind you.

In addition, online pharmacies ship straight to your home. For those unable to leave their homes, this option is invaluable.

You might even take care of medicine shopping for a friend or relative. This will get their medications sent right to their door.

And because online pharmacies ship direct from the warehouse, shortages are rare. You won’t be running to the corner drugstore only to find an empty shelf.

This creates another benefit.

Lower Cost

Without overhead costs like building rent and maintenance, online pharmacies have lower charges to run.

And established online pharmacies have trusted partners worldwide. This can further cut down on shipping fees.

This allows them to offer the same medicines at far lower prices.

Staying Safe

It’s a good idea to only use established, trusted online pharmacies. But how do you know if they are?

Check out their customer reviews. Are they part of or endorsed by any professional organizations?

Perhaps you are buying from a pharmacy based overseas. Make sure they have a licensed partner in your home country.

Before considering an online pharmacy, make sure there are clear ways to contact the company. You should be able to find a telephone number, email address, and physical address.

Reviews from a third-party site are invaluable. While customer reviews posted on the company’s website can be helpful, look for more. For example, do they have any ratings on TrustPilot? Are there any reviews on Google?

To avoid rogue online pharmacies, follow advice from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Be wary if the pharmacy sends spam offering cheap drugs. It’s a red flag if their prices are so low, they seem too good to be true. It’s a serious concern if they will provide prescription medication without a legal, valid prescription.

You want a trustworthy online pharmacy that has a licensed pharmacist on staff to assist you. It’s vital that your online pharmacy follows the same laws as in-person ones.

Keep it Simple

Taking care of your own wellbeing can be a tricky and costly endeavor. But buying medicine online can take the hassle out of the task. This will free up your time to do whatever you desire.
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