Sandalwood Oil Benefits

Many fragrances and air fresheners contain sandalwood essential oil. It has a characteristic aroma that comes from a valuable tree. The value of itl, however, may extend beyond its odour. Sandalwood may also provide some health benefits.

Sandalwood essential oil is derived from the wood and roots of the East Indian sandalwood tree, Santalum album. This is one of the world’s most valuable trees. Its products are in use all around the world. In the past, West Indian and African sandalwood oils were also manufactured, but these are no longer readily available.

In alternative medicine, sandalwood and its essential oil are highly appreciated. It’s been used for a long time to help treat a range of ailments. Although most of its traditional uses have not been scientifically validated, some study suggests that sandalwood may be useful in the treatment of certain health issues.

What is the traditional use of sandalwood essential oil?

What is sandalwood essential oil good for?

The fragrance of sandalwood makes it a popular ingredient in perfumes and aromatherapy. Aromatic oils are used in aromatherapy to improve mental and physical wellness. Aromatherapy was used by many ancient cultures. It is still popular today among some people.

Antiseptic Properties of Sandalwood Oil


Natural sedative

Blood Pressure is Reduced

Reduced Stress

Enhances Dental Health

Heals Injuries

Enhances one’s appearance

Helps with Acne


Healing of wounds

Helps with skin cancer


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