The Ultimate Guide to Hair care Regime | Hair straightening & smoothening

Frizzy hair and unmanageable can be really frustrating at times. They often create hindrances in a perfect outing plan. When we are all excited to go out with that special someone wearing our favourite dress, our frizzy hair will make sure to ruin the perfect plan. Our hair forms a major part of our overall look.

Hair care regime you should stick to post hair straightening or hair smoothening.


Unmanageable hair hampers our confidence. Most women do not even feel like going out because of their untamed hair. We resort to ironing to tame our hair, but these temporary solutions do more harm than any good. The best solution for your frizzy hair is to go for a hair smoothening treatment. In this method, chemicals are used in your hair to saturate your tresses and make them frizz-free. With this permanent solution, your tresses will be forever ready and manageable. It will save a lot of your time, which is otherwise wasted in trying to style your hair.

Another permanent solution for your frizzy hair is the hair straightening treatment. Straight hair is being loved by many women over curly or wavy hair. In this method, your tresses are permanently straightened and restructured with the help of chemicals and heat.

Before proceeding for any of the above hair treatments, make sure you choose a good hair and beauty salon, which is an expert in hair care treatments. Otherwise, you might land up in a big disaster. Further, these hair treatments will undoubtedly solve your frizzy hair problem, but there are certain precautions that need to be taken post undergoing these treatments. If these post-treatment precautions are not followed properly, you will end up damaging your hair permanently.

In this blog we have laid down the post-treatment precautions after hair straightening and hair smoothening sessions:

Hair care routine post smoothening:

Haircare regime after hair straightening

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