Thinning hair is not a worry anymore with the latest in pigmentation therapy

Thinning hair is not a worry anymore with the latest in pigmentation therapy

Scalp Micro-pigmentation is the new age treatment for thinning hair. Yes, it is kind of a pseudo treatment to deal with alopecia and hair follicle loss. But the truth is no process can grow your hair follicles back. And, if you aren’t sold on this idea, then this post is right for you as you might find yourself changing your mind about it. 

There are many misconceptions about scalp micropigmentation, and it is high time that we take a hard look at the matter and present the most unbiased review possible. So, without further ado, let us have a look at what is scalp micropigmentation.

About the process

This is a procedure through which a tattoo expert and a practitioner micro-pigments on to the scalp. The micro-pigments are concentrated at the thinning and the bald areas. The process presents the illusion of having dense hair growth, making for a fuller appearance as far as hair is concerned. Keep in mind you only need to tattoo the affected areas. Micro-pigmentation is extremely popular, and the results quite successful for individuals treating sudden and rapid hair loss and for people suffering from hair treatment resistance.

Here are some more questions answered for you.

About the pain

If you are worried about it, we would like to assure you that it hurts just a bit, and the experience is similar to getting a tattoo done. Keep in mind the area will be under the effect of local anesthesia. So, you will only feel mild discomfort.

Are the results permanent?

Well, the honest answer is it depends. Several clinics use bio-degradable dyes and inks, which metabolize over the years. And others use permanent dyes. However, keep in mind that irrespective of biodegradable dye or the permanent ones, tattoos fade over time. It is a good idea to go for micropigmentation with semi-permanent dyes as your hair will change and grey over time. That leaves you with room to change your look in the future.

How noticeable is the treatment?

The visibility is entirely dependent on you, which means you can disguise the treatment as needed or show individual features as much as you are willing to. The only way it becomes noticeable is if the surrounding hair around the micro-pigmented area is lighter than the pigment itself. However, we would like to assure you that scalp micro-pigmentation is not noticeable, and you can do a quick internet search to verify our claims.

The cost of the treatment

It depends on the clinics you have in your area since there are no standard rates when it comes to scalp micropigmentation. However, keep in mind that you will need 2 to 6 sessions for the entire micro-pigmentation process depending on your requirement. If you are looking for a rough estimate, then each session will cost you around $500. You might even require additional touch up sessions beyond your schedule.

That concludes our list of all that you need to keep in mind before going for scalp micropigmentation. All the best!

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