Top 10 Gifts To Surprise Your Sister?

Gifts To Surprise Your Sister

The markets are decorated with beautiful threads, and your Instagram feed is filled with quotes and sibling photos. Yes, Raksha Bandhan is here, the festival that celebrates the sweet and salty relation between you and your sister. That one day when you have to be nice to her cause, she will surely go out of her way to make you feel special by getting you the prettiest Rakhi, buying your favourite sweets and all the dishes you love will definitely be there, Also because your mother told you to do so. But what are you gifting her? Read more to know about 10 great gifts for Raksha Bandhan for sister, to make her go wow!

An Exquisite Necklace

A fine piece of jewellery is something every woman admires, and a necklace is something that catches everyone’s eye. Hence, a necklace can be a perfect gift for your dear sister. There are some amazing options available in the market, and you can choose from heavy traditional ones, or you can go for a light sophisticated one. Select anyone you think she will like.

Wrist Watch

We agree it is an obvious one, but can you blame us? A wristwatch is one of the most fabulous and most stylish accessories. This is one thing that works with all kinds of clothes and puts the whole look together. So, this may be an old one, but the idea is definitely gold.

A Photo Lamp

Everyone feels better in a well lit, adequately decorated room, and a lamp is something that contributes to the ambience of the room in a significant way. So, a lamp can be an incredible gift for your sister; you can even go one step forward by getting a personalised photo lamp made especially for her. Now that is a gift to beat.

Scented Candles

Some light music playing in the background and some scented candles is creating a relaxing atmosphere with their soothing aroma; this is something we all need just to sit back and relax in an environment like that. Gift your sister some relaxing time with a bunch of scented candles. You can go for the fragrances she likes, or you can mix all the different scents together for her.

A Weekend Away

A weekend away into the mountains, in the middle of nowhere or chilling by the sea, whatever is it you both prefer, a weekend getaway is something you both can enjoy. You can plan it as a surprise for her and include her favourite activities. You both will get to spend some crazy times together.

Personalised Treasure

There are tons of personalisation options available in the market. The speciality of this gift is that it is unique and made especially for the person receiving it. You can get her a Mug or a photo frame. You can even get things engraved with her name or initials.

Chocolate Box

Who doesn’t like chocolates? The delicious bittersweet taste of chocolates is something we can never get enough of. So, why not take all her favourite chocolates and give them to her. You can also get her a box of those fancy luxury chocolates. She will share those with you but will be extremely happy.

Her Favorite Book

If your sister is a bookworm, then you dont have to think twice about her gift. Just take a look at her collection and find out her favourite writer or the genre she reads the most. We promise you; no gift can beat a good book for someone who loves reading.

A traditional Apparel

A festival like Raksha Bandha, so rich with tradition and culture, calls for a traditional gift. You can get a traditional outfit for her to wear on Raksha Bandhan. You can ask your mother for help to choose the perfect apparel for her. She will love this gift for sure.

One According to Her Hobby

You know her the best; therefore, it is easy for you to know what kind of hobbies she has and give her something accordingly. If she likes to paint, you can get her a painting set or a new palette. Similarly, if she enjoys music, you can gift her new speakers or headphones. This gift will definitely make her super happy.

The bond you share with your sister is unique and something only you both understand. This Raksha Bandhan, choose a gift best suited for her and prove that she does have the best brother in the world.

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