Durga Puja Festival In India

The Birth History Of Durga

All their strength and intentions gave birth to the Queen of superpower “Durga”.

Symbolism Of Her Appearance

As Devi Durga originated from various Gods, so each God provided her javelin with some specialty.

The Forms Of Devi Durga

As Durga is not only for a specific class, in every state and culture Devi Durga is admired.

Basanti Durga Puja

The story was like that a king named Raja Surath relinquished his dominion

Durga Puja Of Zamindars

n the 17th century when the Bengal’s Nawab shattered the treaties with Mughal empower, some minor landlords had emerged.

Barowari Durga Pooja

20th century vowed the necessity of community Durga Puja that was additionally sometimes organized publically.

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