India Spent Rs 4100 Crore On G20

Over Rs 4,100 crore was spent on tidying up the Capital for the G20 Culmination, as indicated by government records on costs connected with the two-day occasion, which started off Saturday.

Nonetheless, the 2023-24 financial plan reported in February had allotted ₹990 crore for the G20 administration. The announced sum is multiple times the sum assigned in the spending plan.

While Indian spent walloping crores of rupees to deck up Delhi for the large occasion, this is the way much cash different nations had spent on facilitating the highest point:

The 2022 G20 Highest point in Bali was allegedly planned at around 674 billion Indonesian Rupiah, or in excess of 364 crore.

Japan burned through $320 million, or Rs. 2,660 crore, on the 2019 G20 Culmination in Osaka, as per information tweeted by 'The World Positioning' on X.

As per sources, the 2018 G20 gathering in Buenos Aires, Indonesia, cost $112 million (about Rs. 931 crore).

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