Navratri decoration ideas for home

Navratri Flower decoration

flowers are the most versatile decoration items that you can find as they are visually appealing and aromatic.

Rangoli decoration for Navratri

Rangoli is at the heart of a Navratri and it is one of the most beautiful and eye-catching home décor ideas for indoors.

Navratri décor with Diyas

This may seem very minimal but is actually a great decor item to add to your Navratri decoration.

Flower Navratri decoration and rangoli

Flowers being versatile can be the perfect code item for both office and home.

Salt lamps for Navratri decoration

The goddess worshipped during Navratri is famous for her ability to shield us from negativity and provide us with protection.

Navratri 2023 decoration with bells

This is another unique idea that you can implement in your office by creating a variety of patterns with Bells.

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