Durga Puja Festival Tradition  Facts

History of Navratri in India

From this part of this Durga puja article, you will know why Durga puja is celebrated.

History Durga puja in West Bengal

The story of Durga Puja in West Bengal carries different from the Navratri concept.

Navratri India

If you search about Durga puja in English, you will mostly get the answer Navratri.

the Durga puja festival and tradition are different from the Navratri. West Bengal celebrates four 4 days of Durga puja.

Durga puja in West Bengal

Navratri nights

Lord Ram continued his fight against Lord Ravan for nine days which is why people celebrate 9 days by worshipping Devi Durga.

Sandhi Puja

the Maha Ashtami related to a fact of the fight between Devi Durga and Mahishasur

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