What to do during the Navratri


Visit the temple daily to worship Devi Durga and perform Aarti to seek the blessings of the Goddess.

108 Diya:

108 Diya are enlightened in the evening which symbolizes the 108 lotuses.

Offer water:

Offer water to goose Durga which is considered to be very auspicious during Navratri.

Stay barefoot:

People stay barefoot when they are at home during Navratri. 

Wearing clean clothes:

During Navratri people have to wear new clothes but they always wear clean clothes.


Fasting is a good way to keep the body healthy as it helps to avoid junk foods during festivals.

Eat vegan food:

Vegetarian simple food keeps the body healthy so people can enjoy the festival properly.

Kanya Puja on Ashtami:

People decorate her like a goddess and feed her with fruits, cooked items, and sweets. Usually, people invited 9 girls for Kanya puja.

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