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Navratri 2024 – Do’s and Don’ts in Navratri Vrat/Fasting

Navratri is one of the greatest festivals in India. This grand festival is celebrated mostly in Northern India, especially in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Uttrakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana, Maharashtra, and Gujarat. Navratri is the worship of Devi Durga for 9 days. The celebration starts from day 1 called the Prathama and gradually the days are counted as Dwitiya, Tritiya, Chaturthi, Panchami, Shashti, Saptami, Ashtami, and Navami. The festival ends with the Vijayadashami celebration. For these nine days, the celebration is known as Navratri. Navratri 2024 – Do’s and Don’ts in Navratri Vrat/Fasting.

Background of Navratri:

Too many traditions, cultures, and stories are associated with the chronicles of Navratri. People do several things during the Navratri celebration and also avoid some things during that time. Before going to explore those facts that people do and don’t in Navratri let’s know about the historical background of this grand festival.

Navratri and Ramayan:

Navratri festival has a deep connection with one of the greatest Indian mythology the Ramayana. Lord Ram fought against Ravan, the Rakshas king of Lanka. Ravan kidnapped Devi Sita and made him prisoner in his Kingdom. Lord Ram visited Lanka to rescue Devi Sita and to defeat Ravan as it was his fate that would be defeated by one of the Avatar of Lord Vishnu.

King Sugriva sent his Vanar (monkey) Troops with Lord Ram to help him in a fight. Before going to a fight every king worships power. So Lord Ram decided to worship Adi Shakti, Devi Durga. The fight started the major Vanar soldiers of Lord Ram died in front of Rakshas troops of king Ravan. The fight continues for nine days and worship of Lord Ram also. When Lord Ram became disturbed because of the death of innocent monkeys he decided that he will request Devi Durga to come and give more blessings.

Navratri 2022 - Do’s and Don’ts in Navratri Vrat/Fasting


Lotus or Eye:

On the eighth day which is known as Durga Ashtami Lord Ram decided to worship Devi Durga with 108 blue lotuses as a lotus is her favorite flower. To create disturbance in his Pooja or worship one soldier of king Ravan hides one lotus. When Lord Ram found that one Lotus is missing and without 108 loti the Pooja cannot be complete then he decided to sacrifice one eye. Lord Ram had blue eyes, so his one eye was equal to one blue lotus.

When Lord Ram was ready to sacrifice his eye Devi Durga appeared. She said that she was testing the level of devotion of Lord Ram. And also gave him blessings so he can defeat King Ravan. After the two days fight, that means Ashtami and Navami Lord Ram defeated King Ravan on the day of Dashami which is why the day is known as Vijayadashami. From that day Lord Ram started the pooja of Devi Durga during autumn.

Navratri 2022 - Do’s and Don’ts in Navratri Vrat/Fasting

Time of Navratri 2024:

This autumn season generally come in the English month of October which is why Navratri is always celebrated by people from the 1st of October. Along with Devi Durga, her two daughters Devi Lakshmi and Saraswati are also worshiped by people.

People from several States celebrate the Navratri festival differently according to their folk culture. For example in Gujarat Dandiya is the highlight during the Navratri full star apart from the fun and Fiesta there are some least of do and don’ts that people must follow during this period.

Navratri 2022 - Do’s and Don’ts in Navratri Vrat/Fasting

Do you know about all these? If not then some of those rituals are given below:

What to do during the Navratri 2024:


People visit the temple daily to worship Devi Durga. They light lamps and offer flowers to her and perform Aarti to seek the blessings of the Goddess.

108 Diya:

On the day of Ashtami of Navratri in Durga temple, 108 Diya are enlightened in the evening which symbolizes the 108 lotuses.

Offer water:

People offer water to goose Durga which is considered to be very auspicious during Navratri.

Stay barefoot:

People stay barefoot when they are at home during Navratri. They always leave all their shoes near the doorstep.

Wearing clean clothes:

During Navratri people have to wear new clothes but they always wear clean clothes.


It is an integral part of the Navratri and people do it to please the Goddess and seek her blessings. Fasting is a good way to keep the body healthy as it helps to avoid junk foods during festivals.

Eat vegan food:

People mostly avoid nonveg food during the Navratri as they fast in the morning for the pooja. Vegetarian simple food keeps the body healthy so people can enjoy the festival properly.

Navratri vrath special dishes and thalis

Decorate Devi Durga:

Shringar or adornment after Devi Durga is very significant and also seen as a mark of respect towards her. So people decorate her Idol or Pratima with flowers, garlands, clothes, bangles, and other jewelry.

Perform Kanya Puja on Ashtami:

On the day of Ashtami, people worship a little girl and she represents the Devi Durga. People decorate her like a goddess and feed her with fruits, cooked items, and sweets. Usually, people invited 9 girls for Kanya puja.

Navratri Kanya Pujan Date Shubh Muhurat And Know Pujan Vidhi

The lighting of Akhand Jyoti:

In Navratri people light Akhand Jyoti that keeps burning throughout the 9 days. It brings happiness and prosperity to people’s life. People use desi ghee to light because people believe that it is pure. Besides ghee, people can use other vegetable oils but should avoid the mastered oil.

Navratri 2022 Akhand Jyoti

Spread happiness and positivity:

This festival is the festival of joy where people celebrate the success of Lord Ram as well as the power of Devi Durga. This time people spread happiness and arrange several kinds of functions in their community to celebrate the festival together. And this concept also spread positive Vibes in all communities.

Wear traditional dress:

During Navratri, people wear traditional dresses like lehenga choli and sarees whenever they go out to celebrate the festival. Men wear kurta with pajama or dhoti as it is the traditional dress of India for men.

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What not to do during the Navratri 2024:

Avoid eating garlic and onion:

In preparation for nonvegetarian food, garlic and onion are the main masalas. So people avoid eating garlic and onion during the Navratri. They also avoid the use of these vegetables in cooking during Navratri. Food items that people cook in Navratri are always devoid of garlic and onion.

Avoid shaving and cutting hair during Navratri:

People generally avoid shaving and cutting hair during Navratri. People do this work before Navratri to change their hairstyle or do it after the Navratri festival.

Avoid consumption of alcohol:

People avoid the consumption of alcohol during Navratri. Drinking alcohol is a bad habit. So to seek the blessings of Devi Durga people have to cut off their bad habits during Navratri.

Avoid eating meat and poultry foods:

People normally eat simply cooked vegetarian during Navratri. And avoid eating meat or poultry foods. As people fast in the morning for the Pooja. And eating meat or poultry foods can cause severe health damage and indigestion.

So, the Navratri festival 2024 is not only a grand celebration of India. It has so many traditions and rituals that are deeply connected with Indian culture and people. To celebrate the upcoming Navratri with your friends and family and may Devi Durga bless you with happiness and prosperity.

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