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10 Eco-Friendly Cosmetic Brands for Best Eco Makeup

I know most people tend to choose cosmetics products based on features such as colors or longevity, but I like seeing things from another point of view as well. My favorite cosmetics brands are the ones that pay attention to the world around us and embrace an eco-friendly mindset. Find here besr eco friendly cosmetic brands.

However, finding such beauty products is not an easy feat. Although most brands market their products as green, healthy, or 100% organic, the truth is that 99% of them don’t really follow the rules of eco-friendly production.


Let’s take a look 10 eco-friendly cosmetics brands

  1. Keeping It Natural

The first brand on my list comes from Ohio, United States. Just like the name suggests, Keeping It Natural is a company that manufactures clean products and always comes with plastic-free shipping. All of their products are completely natural and all vegan.

The business operates through Etsy and you can choose between nearly 40 green items from their portfolio. Keeping It Natural crafts two types of cake mascaras and 35 types of lips in a tin. They have a wide range of colors suitable for all styles and personal tastes.


  1. Barefaced Beauty

The official motto of Barefaced Beauty is “Cosmetics with ethics.” Established in 2005, the brand is fully focused on manufacturing pure mineral cosmetics.

According to the founders of Barefaced Beauty, the company “success and growth is due to our commitment to provide superior quality products at the best reasonable price, whilst ensuring that they remain safe, free from harmful chemicals, vegan and completely animal-friendly.”

They offer hundreds of makeup items for eyes, lips, and face. Each item is made of natural ingredients coming from environmentally-friendly suppliers. The brand avoids all elements based on animal testing and relies on recycled or recyclable packaging exclusively.

  1. Axiology

The third brand on my list is Axiology. As far as I know, this is the only company in the world that produces a 10-ingredient lipstick that is completely clean, vegan, and cruelty-free.

Here’s what Ericka Rodriguez, the founder of Axiology, says about her company: “Makeup shouldn’t just be safe for the people who wear it. It should also be safe for animals, the planet, and the people who make it.”

What does Axiology have to offer? They mostly concentrate on lipsticks and crayons, so you can choose between hundreds of different items on their list.

  1. Besame Cosmetics


Besame Cosmetics is yet another eco-friendly brand that I recently discovered and liked very much. What I love about this company is that it manufactures products on site in their stores across the United States. It’s a new approach to sustainable cosmetics that really makes the brand stand out from the crowd of similar competitors.

What’s the idea behind Besame Cosmetics? Well, they tend to replicate vintage makeup collections and create plastic-free products. They use incredibly beautiful colors in the process, thus making all of their items look truly amazing.

  1. Dirty Hippie

Dirty Hippie is the Australia-based company that really did its best to come up with a memorable brand name. It’s a family-owned organization with a guilt-free, eco-conscious, self-love philosophy. What does it mean? Generally speaking, it means that Dirty Hippie products are:

  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free
  • Organic
  • Toxin-free
  • Ethically sourced
  • Fair Trade where required
  • Formulated to suit all skin types (including sensitive)
  • Eco-friendly packaging and refill options
  • Zero waste geared

The only thing I don’t like about Dirty Hippie is its website load speed, but it doesn’t make their products any less attractive.

  1. Elate Beauty


Elate Beauty is yet another cosmetics brand that believes that individual rituals can make a global impact. Their production process is based on five conscious beauty principles:

  • Impact: Even the smallest change in users’ daily habits can give a big contribution to the higher cause.
  • Ethics: They work according to principles of authenticity, transparency, and trust.
  • Community: The company donates 2% of sales to charitable organizations.
  • Future: They also encourage partners and suppliers to think outside the box and find ways to reduce waste generation.
  • Mission: Elate Beauty has the mission to craft safe and eco-friendly products.
  1. Kjare Weis

Kjare Weis is one of the genuine leaders in the eco-friendly cosmetics domain. According to their website, Kjaer Weis is leading the movement with high-performing, luxury makeup that is, as everything should be, organic and sustainable.

I love their facial oil and cream blush, but there are so many other items to check out. Whatever you choose, rest assured Kjare Weis will not disappoint in terms of product quality.

  1. Dab Herb Makeup

Another Etsy-powered cosmetics store is Dab Herb Makeup, a popular brand choice among consumers who appreciate vegan and cruelty-free products. I tested a lot of their products, including mascara, primer, gloss, and vegan brushes.

Each item turned out to be beautiful, while I also loved the packaging. Dab Herb Makeup is keeping their prices relatively high, but it definitely corresponds with the general quality of their samples. Make sure to give it a try – you won’t regret it.

  1. Ilia Cosmetics

I tried to focus on 100% organic and eco-friendly brands, but Ilia Cosmetics impressed me with its simple but powerful logic. Namely, the company notes that not every natural ingredient is good for the skin, nor is every synthetic bad: “Clean beauty is where those two collide—with conscious, carefully-selected ingredients, and no compromises.”

How can they achieve this goal?

Ilia Cosmetics does it using the power of innovation. They rely on recycled aluminum, glass components, and responsibly sourced paper to make their product environmentally-friendly. Besides that, Ilia Cosmetics does not let their products end up in a landfill.

  1. Antonym Cosmetics

Antonym Cosmetics is a genuine skin pleaser that takes the best of both worlds. Namely, the brand focuses on eco-friendly production while manufacturing elegant and highly functional makeup.

The brand claims there was a gap between the function and the formulation: “We created Antonym beauty to bridge that gap; a natural and organic makeup line that offers professional level performance without compromising the integrity of the makeup ingredients. We call it gentle face fashion, a philosophy of kind ingredients with a strong performance.”

They cover a whole spectrum of cosmetics products, so make sure to test as many as you like.

The Bottom Line

Everything you do makes an impact on the world around you. Cosmetics that you use daily also contribute to the overall sustainability of the planet, which is why you should focus on brands that allow you to enjoy green and organic products.

In this post, I showed you 10 eco-friendly cosmetics brands that pay attention to environmental issues. Have you ever tried any of these items? Do you know other eco-friendly cosmetics brands? Share your experiences in the comments – our readers would love to see it!



John Trogdon is a social media marketer and the best essay writer for you if you need help with school papers. John specializes in environment-related topics, but he also loves writing about personal development and self-branding. He is the father of two toddlers and a dedicated long-distance runner.

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