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10 Things You Should Know About Brazilian Blowout

The Brazilian Blowout has taken the beauty world by storm with its transformative results smoothing frizz and improving shine. However, some important considerations come with this treatment beyond sleek style. This article will explore 10 key things to understand about the Brazilian Blowout regarding effectiveness, safety, and proper care. Learn how stylists customize this procedure and maintain its results with an informed perspective on both pros and cautions.

1. What Exactly Is A Brazilian Blowout?

This treatment chemically straightens hair using a formaldehyde-based smoothing solution. During the multi-step session, sections are coated and flat-ironed while the solution penetrates and restructures the inner cortex. This seals cuticle layers straight and prevents moisture from causing frizz. The effect is loosening waving and kinks for several months of low-maintenance straightness and softness. While results resemble permanent straightening, it’s actually semi-permanent due to natural hair growth cycles.

2. Does It Work On All Hair Types?

With guidance from an experienced stylist assessing density, porosity, and texture, most hair types are promising. However, ethnic or coarse hair may not respond as dramatically to one treatment. Multiple sessions spaced 4-6 weeks apart allow for deeper straightening with each application as new growth incorporates the smoothing effect fully. Those with wavy, curly or thick manes prone to frizz often see the most transformative yet natural-looking results when multiple treatments customize the process thoroughly.

3. Is It Damaging?

When performed correctly by a licensed professional, most clients emerge with stronger, healthier hair after a Brazilian Blowout. However, the formaldehyde does carry cautions, especially for those with chemically treated hair. To minimize damage, avoid overlapping sessions too closely and follow a moisturizing routine to prevent dryness. Consultation ensures understanding of any preexisting conditions impacting how the hair may respond. With proper styling and ongoing conditioning, the treatment itself doesn’t have to compromise hair if undertaken judiciously according to an individual’s specific needs.

4. How Long Do Results Last?

Most clients maintain a sleek, frizz-free style from 8-10 weeks with each Brazilian Blowout. As new growth comes in during that period, hair appears gradually straighter instead of an abrupt straight-to-curly line forming. Returning every 2-3 months allows the smoothing effect to be restored before too much waveiness returns. Consistency prolongs benefits substantially, creating low-maintenance hair with ongoing touch-up sessions according to growth rate and existing texture. Proper aftercare likewise maintains the results’ duration maximally.

5. Cleansing And Drying Best Practices

To preserve silkiness, alter the cleansing protocol post-treatment. Cowashing daily preserves hydration better than shampooing. When necessary, use a moisturizing cleanser and avoid sulfates stripping natural oils coatings hair. Gentle towel drying prevents breakage and curl reversion. For optimal results, consider a professional blowdry utilizing a round brush to smooth and polish hair into sleek submission. At-home brush drying likewise trains hair straight while semi-dry for the best-beloved blowout look between salon visits.

6. Long-Term Maintenance

Returning every few months to a Brazilian Blowout salon extends benefits indefinitely with no chemical buildup risks like other straightening methods. Ongoing sessions refresh the smoothing effect avoiding an abrupt transition back to natural texture. Consistency throughout the year maintains low-frizz control best. Professional touch-ups deepen straightening results each time by further sealing the cuticle. Between appointments, discipline with cleansing and styling tactics preserves look and health maximally for continual fuss-free hair.

7. Is It Damaging In The Long Run?

When administered properly without overlapping treatments too quickly, studies show the Brazilian Blowout poses no higher long-term damage risks than other chemical services when handled judiciously. As with any chemical process, it relies on proper aftercare moisturizing and conditioning to prevent drying or breakage over extended use. Consulting a professional ensures understanding of any preexisting concerns for customized care maximizing benefits safely according to individual hair needs and lifestyle. Communicate with stylists for ongoing consultations tailored specifically to each client.

8. Employing An Expert

Only salons and stylists licensed by the Brazilian Blowout Academy can perform the treatment safely and effectively. Ask about formal certification along with experience level to assess technical proficiency. Explain hair concerns to ensure the right customized approach. Observe sanitation practices for a hygienic experience. Reviews also offer clues about a studio’s professionalism, results quality, and client satisfaction history. When choosing where to trust this process, expertise, credentials, and cleanliness rank the highest importance.

9. Touch-Up Or New Treatment?

Every 4-6 months, returning clients can choose either a light touch-up to refresh smoothing or a full reapplication. A mild touch-up suffices when new growth remains minimal. But if significant time elapsed or hair texture shifted dramatically with elements like seasonal changes or aging, the complete reapplication treatment re-straightens from roots to ends comprehensively for optimal results. Stylists confidently advise which level of service suits individual needs best.

10. Long-Lasting Transformation

For motivated clients to maintain results diligently, the Brazilian Blowout stands as a lasting semi-permanent transformation with consistent touch-ups. It preserves a frizz-free style appealing to busy lifestyles yet flatters any occasion professionally or casually. With focused education on proper technique and maintenance, it extends low-frizz control safely and effectively for personalized beautiful hair without daily fussing.

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