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11 Gifts For The Hard-To-Shop-For Friend Who “Likes Experiences, Not Things.”

Are you looking for a gift different from the others? Do you want to impress someone special with a unique experience? If this year you have decided to surprise with a gift that stands out from the rest, you have reached the right place. Many prefer the latest egift cards because you can actually add an image and a custom note to create a bespoke gift.

ArtPix 3D is going to make it very easy for you!

Likes Experiences, Not Things
Likes Experiences, Not Things

This time indeed, your gift will not go unnoticed with the ideas we will give you below. You will discover nine original experiences to give away with which you will be sure.

So, without further ado, let’s get started! 😊

Relax circuit at Beer Spa

Did you know that it is possible to bathe in beer? Yes, as you read. The second beer spa in Spain is located in the center of Alicante.

Its facilities contain some elements of this drink, such as barley, yeast, malt, and hops that help remove impurities from the skin, reduce stress, prevent sagging, and more. If you decide on this spa, you can relax in a barrel of bubbles, a beer sauna, and a bed of barley. In addition, this beer spa is also found in other places such as Granada, Cádiz, and Tenerife.

A 3D Photo Crystal

Sometimes we need a thing that will remind us about good times and moments. One of the best ways to engrave these moments is to order personalized crystals online. They provide you with many valuable ideas on how to transfer your memories into a crystal online. For example, an excellent way to make the office more friendly and personalized. You can choose from tons of crystal types and find the best one for your stressed friend.

Night in a bubble at Zielo Las Beatas (Ciudad Real)

If you are looking for authentic experiences as a couple, one of the most exceptional options we propose is in the municipality of Villahermosa. The Hotel Cielo Las Beatas stands out for being made up of transparent bubble rooms. Observing the moon and the stars, contemplating the rainy days, or seeing the sunrise are some of the privileges experienced in them. In addition, you can choose to add a private jacuzzi or a delicious dinner.

Dive among sharks (Barcelona)

Do you like new challenges? If you want to experience intense emotions, we encourage you to opt for this experience. At the Barcelona Aquarium, they carry out one of the most original activities in Spain, diving among sharks. Participants are introduced into a fixed observation walkway where they share the stage with sharks, rays, sunfish, among others.

Blind dinner at Dans Le Noir (Paris)

Do you want to give actual experiences in Paris? Another of our recommendations is a dinner very different from any other. The Dans Le Noir Restaurant, located both in Paris and Leon, ​​offers a gastronomic proposal in which the senses become the main protagonists of the night.

Flying with a wind tunnel (Girona)

In Empuriabrava, there is the possibility of knowing what it feels like to fly with the funniest plan: a wind tunnel. This activity consists of entering a free fall simulator that will allow you to recreate the same sensation as a parachute jump without the need to jump from a plane.

Also, if you are looking for original gifts for children, this activity is ideal since the minimum age is four years. But not only in Girona can you do this type of activity. You can enjoy this experience in Berlin as well.

Sleep in a treehouse (Los Angeles)

Just an hour’s drive from Los Angeles, you can spend a night at the top of a tree. The lucky person will be able to unwind in a fully-equipped wooden cabin with a capacity of up to five people. So, you can share your experience with whoever you want the most! In addition, it has an outdoor terrace with views of the Lozoya Valley, where you can also contemplate the moon and the stars.

Dinner at the Fabra Observatory (Barcelona)

In Barcelona, ​​more specifically at the Fabra Observatory, you can enjoy a night full of flavor in a unique setting. Dinner takes place on the terrace and will be accompanied by a delicious menu, a scientific conference, a visit to the museum, and… panoramic views of the city! But this does not end here. Before completing the experience, you will have the opportunity to observe the stars and planets through your large telescope. You will be delighted to be able to enjoy a complete dinner.

Diving with dolphins (Portugal)

Fulfilling your dream of swimming with dolphins is possible with this experience that they carry out in the Zoomarine Park located in Portugal.

In the Algarve, you will enjoy observing these animals up close by diving into a large lagoon surrounded by white sand and vegetation. You will interact with them, play games and take a souvenir photo with you. An activity that enchants both the smallest of the house and the oldest.

You will enjoy it like never before!

Drive a trio of cars

Do you love sports cars and are you a motor lover? Do not look any further. With this experience, you will be able to drive three high-end cars! This gift will allow you to get behind the wheel of three luxury brands: Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Porsche. In addition, you can choose where to enjoy the activity since it takes place in different circuits located in Spain, Germany, Austria, and France. You will feel the speed to the maximum!

We hope that you have found that original gift that you were looking for so much with our recommendations.

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