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25 Awesome Free Resources Every Designer Should Use.

Being a great designer means providing yourself with stock images, photography, fonts, graphics, and videos. Therefore, it is great to know the how’s and why’s of reliable useful tools which will assist in your work. Luckily for you, there are many tools and helpers on the Internet. Even more good news is that most of them are free.

Here is a list of 25 authentic design resources free for your usage.

1. MasterBundles

MasterBundles will supply you with any sort of bundles you might require: be that icons or watercolor, vector, or animated photos. And it is possible to get all of that at a reasonable price too. Be that as it may, the team comes up with free trials from time to time so that you can see how it all works and whether it suits you.

2. Pixelo

Pixelo contributes both paid and free resources through massive design bundles. With this incredible tool, you will surely get the best quality design materials and save money. Moreover, this is a source that comes highly recommended by creative professionals.

3. Design Bundles

The next wonderful graphic design tool that offers paid and free resources is Design Bundles. They can help with various means from icons and images to mockups, textures, backgrounds, and much more. Design Bundles is well-known for its crafting area with striking embroidery, scrapbooking, and monogram sections. Also, they have incredible giveaways which often come with a business license, which enables an image’s usage in a commercial format.

4. Coolors

Coolors is an incredible source for colorful and vibrant color palettes (and there are almost one million of them). Further, it is possible to design your own palette. The free trial in Coolors expires after 3 months of use.

5. Humaaans

With the aid of Humaaans, you can enrich your designs with modular, vector graphics of people which can be rotated, matched, positioned, or combined in many different ways. It allows creating your own illustrations of humans as well.

6. Pixel Buddha

Pixel Buddha is one more design tool that provides both free and premium usage opportunities. Here you will find everything you might need when doing a project; the range of content is immense. Textures, icons, effects, sketches, and animations are here, all in one place. On top of that, they supply numerous tutorials and interviews to keep you updated with the latest trends.

7. Google Fonts

This is an easy and reliable open source web font directory. All content is designed with outstanding quality (as if anything else can be expected from Google).

8. Bitable

Bitable is a graphic design resource where you can create explainer videos that are extremely trendy lately. Explainer videos are usually created in order to simply explain what your company does. Afterwards, you can place it on the front page of your site or post it on your social media or YouTube channel.

Bitable is the easiest and most thorough device for designing explainer videos. First, you need to select a video template, then add your own content, select a soundtrack, and subsequently move on to ulterior customization if needed.

9. Life of Vids

Life of Vids provides various video content features for anyone who can make use of them: designers, agencies, advertisers, filmmakers, etc. It allows creating infinite loops with most of the content.

10. Venngage

This comprehensive resource gives you the opportunity to create infographics and use them in your projects. It is free and requires only a few steps to design appreciable infographics about anything you like:

  1. Select an infographic template that is relevant for your needs.
  2. Prepend visuals and charts from the library.
  3. Customize the infographics (change shapes, colors, fonts, etc.)
  4. You’re ready to showcase professionally designed infographics to your customers.

11. Dribbble

Dribbble supplies content linked to a freebie tag. Nevertheless, a great deal of designs are lacking those tags. Consequently, in order to find superb designs, it is necessary to search carefully as they might be without these tags.

Dribbble can become an irreplaceable tool in your work:

  • It is incredibly inspirational
  • Provides a great variety of different free design elements
  • Has a lot of free fonts and vectors
  • Daily updates with fresh and amazing designs
  • High quality freebies

12. Fribbble

Fribbble is a segment of Dribbble. It contains all the free files at Dribbble’s disposal: images, fonts, textures, mockups, templates, and many others.

13. Pencil

Pencil is often presented as a chargeless replacement for Adobe XD. It gives the opportunity to create prototypes for both web and mobile applications. It is a potent open source tool suitable for all platforms.

14. AbstractFonts

On the AbstractFonts website you will find an impressive number of creative free fonts (more than 1000). All of them are free of charge. It is possible to use the search bar to find the font or font family you need.

15. Fontspiration

Fontspiration is an extremely valuable free tool. It provides  great assistance when creating cool fonts.

  • It provides premade fonts and the opportunity to download them for your purposes.
  • Allows experimenting with 963 free fonts to add flavor and movement to your design project.
  • Every piece of text loaded to the Fontspiration app can be animated.

The disadvantage here is that they can only be used with the iOS platform.

16. Canva

This is an easy, powerful, and flexible graphic design website tool and does not require downloading. It is good for the efficient accomplishment of various basic design tasks.

17. Pinspiry

Pinspiry is a resource that has regular free content releases with an offer of a selection of free templates, fonts, icons, mockups, etc. It can be used to find some inspiration as well as providing knowledge through their tutorials. It is an awesome place for a graphic designer.

18. Screely

Screely provides an opportunity to easily convert a screenshot into a mockup without the requirement of any templates. You simply browse for an image and the rest is done for you. Perfect.

19. Social Sizes

This is an extremely valuable tool since it supplies designers with the best sizes to utilize for both video and image content. Also, it includes various templates and enables free downloading.

20. Unique

The greatness of this tool lies in its incredible offer to create a really unique font in only three steps. This easy-to-use prototyping tool allows the usage of the latest algorithms to design the greatest diversity of fonts possible. The aforementioned steps are:

  1. Choose the purpose for the font (normal text, logo, heading text, caption, etc.).
  2. Make the font your own (select custom thickness, slant, etc.).
  3. Download your custom font and use it in your next design project.

21. Unblast

On Unblast you will discover 2629 graphics suitable for copious niches, themes, and needs. Unblast displays only a selection of graphics created by the best professional designers. This resource only offers you free high-quality graphics, which is very convenient.

22. Remove

If you want to separate the background from a photo, Remove is exactly what you need. This is a free easy-to-use tool that will accomplish the task in only one click.

23. Cerpow

This minimalist tool shares amazing free content and carries out many different tasks: free mockups, apps, sliders, graphics and animations, landing pages, etc. All the free content is modern and the website is simple to use.

24. ScreenToGif

ScreenToGif is a free application for Windows. It unites a webcam, sketch recorder with a built-in editor, and screen.

25. 1001 Free Downloads

The 1001 Free Downloads website is another great web design tool that contains all kinds of free graphics resources. It is very useful but has one restriction—no more than 50 downloads of free content per day.


From time to time we all need a push, and so do designers. Formerly mentioned resources are not only a valuable source of inspiration, but a wholesome device to reinforce the skills or gain new knowledge. All of these may be used by both amateurs as well as professional designers. Use these tools to make your work even more attractive and efficient.

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