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4 Notable Casio Oceanus Watches You Should Buy

Casio, a Japanese company widely recognized for its long-lasting and dependable large watches, was founded in 1946 in Tokyo by Tadao Kashio. This company, as a producer of several iconic timepieces, became an important part of the global revolution in the watchmaking industry about thirty years later. Casio launched the first fully-electric compact calculator and quickly expanded to create new products such as audio components, cameras, and musical instruments. In 1974, the Japanese company entered the timepiece market with its first model, a digital timepiece called Casiotron with an automatic calendar.

Their accomplishment in many other electronic markets gave a strong boost for the Tokyo-based manufacturers to produce watches with numerous technological advancements. Casio was among the first companies to create quartz crystal watches, both digital and analog. Casio introduced the first model with a thermometer and another with a feature that translated 1,500 Japanese words into English.

1. Casio’s Elite Series – Oceanus

The notable Casio Oceanus watch series is among Casio’s elite collection. This series incorporates elements from the Japanese company’s other significant watch lines, the G-Shock and the Waveceptor. 

Casio G-Shocks watches are among the reasons why the Japanese company has established itself as a world-class watchmaker. The basic idea behind the development of G-shocks was to create timepieces with advanced yet unmatched resilience and toughness. In a nutshell, Casio wished to dispel the myth that wristwatches are delicate instruments that can be easily damaged. Casio was steered by the triple 10 concept, which indicates that these products were built to sustain a free fall of 10 meters, pressure of 10 bars, and battery life of 10 years. In 1983, the Japanese watchmaker introduced the first G-Shocks after a lot of hard work and the use of cutting-edge technology. These timepieces featured some firsts, such as hollow-structured cases and cushioning components as protection.

Casio’s Waveceptor watches use radio signals from government services across the globe to keep accurate time. They sync up daily by utilizing the signals as well as the accuracy of other movements in between. Globally, there are six transmitters located in North America, Europe, China, and Japan. To receive signals from all of them, look for watches labeled Multiband 6.


Oceanus’s original beauty is entering a new era of innovation with the notable OCW-S5000 Chronograph. It’s the result of one-sided mounting with high-density technology and reducing module components which is an elegantly slim case with a 9.5 mm thickness. Moreover, the advanced time-correction system obtains precise time all over the world. It represents the culmination of 15 years of Oceanus evolution in the quest for beauty and innovations. Its innovative high-density packaging technology has enabled the installation of Bluetooth communication and Multi-Band 6 radio-controlled innovations in a case that is less than 10 mm thin.

The titanium case and band have been treated with exterior processing that increases their strength beyond that of DLC, increasing their tolerance to scratches. The bluish-gray color was created with the idea of a cool ocean in mind. The blue coloring is applied to mother-of-pearl without altering the texture of the natural materials to create inset dials of exceptional quality.

3. OCW-S100-1AJF Watch

This has a stunning black dial with blue accented hour indicators and an eye-catching blue and white second hand. The titanium case and band, sapphire crystal, and Casio’s Multi-Band time-keeping, and their Tough Solar movement, are also included.

The hands are a conventional sword shape with a generous application of lume. The second hand, which is long and slender, has a blue base to match the rest of the accents. It’s worth noting that the Oceanus logo is the very same color. The minute train is set at a sharp angle leading up to the crystal, which is a curved, anti-reflective sapphire with excellent viewing angles all over. The refined Japanese Zaratsu coat was used in the bezel, which is combined with fine-brushed elements throughout, giving it a spectacular overall appearance.

The band is a solid linked titanium band in a fairly standard style that is adjustable to fit your wrist. This has detachable links and additional half-links, as well as a couple of fine adjustments on the fold-over clasp. It also has Atomic time-keeping, which indicates you can auto-adjust and set your time when you switch time zones. They possess 29 timezones installed in, as well as daylight saving, and you can manually adjust it as well.

4. OCW-T200S-1AJF Watch

This Japan Domestic Market model from Casio’s top line of luxury watches is a watch worth serious consideration, with finely crafted casework, superior timekeeping technology, and classic aesthetic appeal with a twist. Whether you are a watch collector, a watch enthusiast always on the lookout for another best watch, or just want one watch that will look good in any situation.

The case diameter is 41mm (bezel 40mm), the lug width is 20mm, and the lug distance is 49mm. This watch is light and easy to wear on the wrist. Its comfort itself is surpassed by its artistic beauty and technological prowess. The oyster-style 3-link bracelet continues the design ingenuity of the angular case and brushed stainless bezel.

The dial on this watch is a bottomless deep blue beneath the sapphire crystal. Casio provides the T200 in three different dial colors: dark blue, light blue, and mid-blue. The first two are made of stainless steel, while the Mid-Blue is made of navy blue leather. The hour and minute hands were also silver blade style, and the second’s hand is blue to match the Oceanus Manta-Ray logo. The lume is a cool blue light that lasts all night. And, despite not being designed for watersports, the T200 has a commendable 100m waterproofing while the rechargeable battery is sun-powered.

It also can be paired with a smartphone via the Oceanus Connected app and Bluetooth technology, and the T200 will automatically adjust the time four times per day. With a Casio quartz movement which already runs at +/- 15sec. /mo., the T200 achieves accuracy within 1 sec. / 24hrs daily by utilizing the automatic time adjustment features multiple times per day.


The Casio Oceanus is an excellent watch for crossing time zones. It’s a beautifully designed, swiftly wearable three-hand watch with an entrancing blue dial, edgy design cues, and some seriously functional and versatile timekeeping technology. To get your own piece, you can check out WatchShopping online!

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