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4 Skincare Secrets You Won’t Want to Keep to Yourself

You don’t have to sneak into the breakroom of a high-end aesthetics studio to unlock the latest skincare secrets. The latest breakthroughs, treatments, and practices shown to boost your skin health and glowing appearance aren’t behind locked doors. In fact, many of the most effective skincare secrets are ones you can start practicing today. Here are four skincare best practices you’ll want to start right away and share with all your friends.

1. Vitamins Unlock Skin’s Age-Defying Potential

You already know that supplementing your nutrition with vitamins is important to your overall health. However, certain skin-loving vitamins are deserving of a slot in your skincare routine too. 

Prescription skincare unlocks the power of concentrated formulations of nutritional powerhouse vitamin A. Retinol creams, which contain a form of vitamin A, have a range of benefits that address many common skincare complaints. 

If you’re battling sun-damaged skin thanks to your former tanning habits, retinoids can help. By boosting cell turnover, fine lines and wrinkles diminish, and uneven pigmentation lessens. These creams also increase the production of collagen, which results in a firmer complexion and a more youthful appearance. 

Acne may have the reputation of being a teenage dilemma, but blemishes often persist throughout a lifetime. Retinoids can also help reduce the prevalence of acne, even reducing pesky blackheads and pore size.

2. Targeted Micro-Injuries Can Transform Skin Texture

Generally, reducing the possibility of injuries is ideal for overall health. However, targeted micro-injuries to the skin can yield a more youthful, vibrant appearance. Some treatments can be done at home, while others require the expertise of a skincare professional for the best, safe results.

Microneedling procedures done at home or in an aesthetic studio unleash thousands of pinpricks into the skin’s outer layer. This treatment shifts skin into repair mode, forcing it to rebuild micro-damages. Pair this carefully-executed treatment with skin boosters like hyaluronic acid to further enhance skin repair and recovery.

If you’re able to dedicate more downtime to your treatment, plasma fibroblast may be worth pursuing. This in-office treatment uses the power of a plasma laser to resurface skin’s outer layer for a tighter, youthful appearance. During this procedure, your provider targets a laser pen toward the skin in a grid-like pattern to encourage lift. Tiny dots mark where the current was applied, encouraging fibroblasts to create new structures, resulting in tighter, more lifted skin. 

3. Tools and Technique Sculpt and Restore

While in-office care and treatments are likely essential components of your skincare routine, lasting results are often achieved at home. Spa appointments represent a fraction of the time you can dedicate to improving your skin. That makes how you outfit your skincare tools and hone your technique key to your success. 

Your hands are an excellent tool for basic product application, but with the right technique, they can transform your skin. Facial massage can unlock tight muscles, which often exacerbate the signs of aging. Let go of deep fissures between the eyes and beside the mouth by releasing fascia connections with massage. Stroke from the middle out across clean skin using a facial oil for easy gliding. With consistency, facial massage can decrease puffiness and increase blood flow, which can further improve skin repair.

Sheet masks and mud masks may be standbys in your routine, but a more Halloween-like mask is increasing in popularity. Red light therapy treatments have escaped the in-office treatment menu and can be enjoyed at home. Hundreds of red light-emitting LED lights nestled behind an easy-to-wear mask may look silly, but the results are serious. Red light therapy is shown to boost cellular repair, improve skin elasticity, and reduce inflammation. 

4. Holistic Habits Extend Skincare Best Practices

Shake up your habits and incorporate holistic practices to boost your skincare results. Skin is the body’s largest organ and modern lifestyles take a toll, resulting in decreased blood flow and stagnant lymph. Encourage active blood flow, reduce stagnation, and boost cell repair with a dry brushing routine before bathing. You’ll wake up the skin, provide light exfoliation, and increase blood flow, which can provide immediate skin brightness. Long-term, dry-brushing devotees can see less swelling and clearer skin, both on the face and the entire body.

You should also switch out your steaming hot shower for cold therapy for skin-boosting benefits and stress reduction. While a polar plunge may not top your list of ways to start the day, the habit is gaining in popularity. Cold tub lovers swear to the stress-reduction that’s achieved by forcing the body to focus on core functions in near-freezing temperatures. For your skin, cold therapy can stimulate cell regeneration, reduce lines and wrinkles, and improve circulation. Start with a 

cold shower, then move to an icy tub to reap the benefits of cold therapy. 

Reveal Your Best Skin Yet With Consistency

Your dream skin is within reach, but the key to lasting results is consistency. Once you’ve selected the treatments, practices, and techniques that fit your skincare goals, commit to your routine. By implementing targeted treatments, adopting skin-loving practices, and prioritizing self-care, you’ll start seeing results in no time. Spill your skincare secrets with the world and you can share the love, one skincare routine at a time.

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