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4 Things To Consider Before Cutting Your Hair Short – A Wisebarber Guide

Cutting our hair short could be an act of preference or a response to a new major life event. Such a life event could be a hair loss that demands hair regrowth. It could also be a career change that makes it difficult to maintain lengthy hair.

Either way:

In both cases, cutting your hair is like pressing a “RESET” button to start your hair beauty afresh. So, before you say goodbye to your long hair, you need to be sure that this is the right decision.

But how would you know?

When should a woman cut her hair short? Well, keep reading to discover the things women should consider before cutting their hair short.

1) Know Your Face Shape

The shape of your face is the factor that determines the right haircut for you and how short you should cut your hair

For instance: 

If you have a square face and want to have a Tom Boy look, then some of these hairstyles for men would suit you. But how would you determine the shape of your face accurately?

Consider these rules:

If you have a pointy chin with a jaw that goes up an angle slightly, your face is oval. If your forehead’s width equals the vertical length of your face, your face is square.


If your forehead’s width is the shortest feature and you have an insignificant chin but a wide mandible that connects with the forehead via slanted jawlines, your face is a triangle.

2) Understand That Regrowth Timeline Varies

Is it your plan to wear short hair for a short period of time? Yes? To avoid setting unrealistic expectations, it’s important to have an idea of how long it will take to regain your hair length.

But how?

Well, the key factors that control hair growth rate are diet, climate, age, hormones, and genes. Your lifestyle, how short you cut your hair, and the hair products you use are major factors too.


We experience slow hair growth as we age. But you can speed up the growth. Endeavor to rest/exercise promptly, eat a lot of vitamins/minerals, and apply hair growth oil.

3) Less Shampoo, More Frequent Cuts, & Change Of Tools

Are you ready to embrace all the good and bad changes that are to come with cutting your hair short?

The good news is:

Your hair won’t take as long to style anymore and you’ll no longer have to spend a lot on hair shampoo. Also, your hair will be easier to maintain and with less or no pain.


You will need to change your grooming kit, visit the barbershop frequently, and may lose your hair texture. Also, you may lose your bad hair day coverups, which means no more punny tails or buns.

4) You’ll Need Time To Get Use To a New Look

Most of us have a special bond with our long hair. It’s important to realize this before taking the leap because once cut, you can’t attach the hair back. So, take your time to prepare for the emotional downturn that may roll in at the end.

In Conclusion

The benefits of cutting all your hair off or getting a surface cut can’t be emphasized enough. But before taking a stab at it, it’s important to consider the possible outcomes.

In that regard:

This post has revealed to you the things women should consider before cutting their hair short. If you have any questions or miss anything in this post, use the comment box below.

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