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4 Tips on How to Look Elegant and Classy Every Day

Being elegant makes you look feminine, mature, and attractive. It’s all about keeping your hair stylish, using subtle makeup, and wearing classic cuts. For instance, wearing a knee-length silk skirt with a satin buttoned shirt, paired with black high-heels and a colorful scarf, can help you show your confidence and power. 

Apart from dressing well, being elegant and graceful requires good manners, showing respect, and offering help to everyone. Elegant and classy women are calm and composed regardless of the situation they face. This is the true essence of being elegant and graceful. So, if you’re looking for some flair and elegance but don’t know where to start, keep reading to find out more. 

Choose quality clothes and jewelry

One of the most important things that guarantee an elegant look is wearing quality clothes and jewelry. Clothes made of cashmere, wool, velvet, or silk are safe choices, although matte jerseys and cotton are also good options. Wool, for example, is an excellent material for a winter coat since it is very soft and keeps you warm while helping you bring out a classy style during the cold months. Cotton is ideal for summer shirts since it is lightweight and breathable, while silk has a texture that makes it perfect for evening dresses. 

For instance, if you decide to wear a silk black dress, and want to make a powerful statement and showcase your beauty, pair the dress with a timeless piece of jewelry such as a quality AAA Akoya pearl necklace. This means that the necklace you wear has a high luster, excellent nacre, and is 95% spot-free. By wearing quality pieces, you will look stylish and feel comfortable, which might become your signature look for years to come.

Choose quality clothes and jewelry

Image source: The List

Be conscious of your own body

To be graceful and elegant, you must be entirely aware of the shape of your body and what clothes suit you the most. Every action you do must be measured and precise. Dressing like a stylish woman, regardless of your body type, entails purchasing well-fitted clothes that flatter your form. 

For instance, short women might want to stick to wearing fit and flare dresses since they make them seem taller and slimmer. This means no short skirts or shoulder pads. Avoid wearing overly tight dresses and instead wear belts and belted jackets to show off your waist. This helps define your curves without being too revealing. Plus-size women, for example, choose long, voluminous skirts with buckle belts to balance their bodies. 

In addition, body language is an important element of communication that may either add to or detract from your elegance. Avoid using a lot of hand gestures and abrupt movements, and instead, move with grace and poise, keeping your back straight and chin low. This will not only improve your appearance, but it will make you even more confident and elegant.

Include more clothing pieces with neutral colors

If you want to look more sophisticated and elegant, include as many neutral colors in your wardrobe as possible. This may sound like a cliche, but it’s not without reason. Colors, especially bold ones, can be worn in a stylish way, but they can also be seen as inappropriate, especially at the workplace. 

Neutral colors like white, beige, gray, camel, and especially black may be easily combined with any other color in an infinite number of combinations and still appear elegant and graceful. While certain colors may come and go, neutrals stand the test of time. They are ideal regardless of the season.

clothing pieces with neutral colors-compressed

Image source: The Velvet Runway 

Wear neutral makeup and hair colors

While colorful makeup and hair may be fun for a night out with friends, opting for more neutral makeup is your best chance to look elegant, natural, and fresh. In fact, 58% of women in the US claim that they want to wear makeup to showcase their natural look. Women usually choose nude lipstick, as well as bronzer on the cheekbones and in the eye crease. 

This just highlights your beauty while complementing the rest of your neutral attire, including your hairstyle. That’s why it’s best to stick to natural hair colors and experiment with delicate highlights and balayage to liven things up over the seasons. 

Final thoughts

Being elegant and graceful at the same time is an exciting process to go through. The best way to achieve that is by finding your proper style. Wearing clothes and jewelry made of quality materials and opting for more neutral makeup and hair color is a great way to start. Walking with ease, keeping your head held high, and being polite will present you as a powerful person who radiates elegance and gracefulness. Be bold with your choices and always strive to show your best self, regardless of the event and situation you are in.

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