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4 Ways to Update Your Home For Spring 2023

Updating your home for spring 2023 can be as easy as purchasing new furniture or making a few changes to your living space with simple cleaning techniques. Here are four ways to liven up your home this spring!

Should Consider Exposed Concrete In Your Home

Best 4 Tips Home For Spring 2023

1. Replace Your Fence Panels

How long ago has it been since you last replaced your fence panels? Fences can usually last up to a couple of decades. Check the current owner’s manual of your fence panels to discover their lifespan.

Even if you only replace your fence panels about three to five years ago, you can update them at any time for aesthetic purposes. The vidaXL reed fence panels or wooden or bark varieties add an earthy tone to your backyard. Keep your private garden enclosed from larger pests such as rabbits and badgers. Liven up your next outdoor party with reed fence panels strategically placed near your tiki bar. If you have a Chinese or Japanese zen garden, the reed fencing will complement the decor, ponds, and general aesthetic of the theme.

2. Get a New Sofa

Find a two or three-seater rattan, fabric, or leather sofa that fits your living room’s home decor style. The vidaXL three-seater rattan sofa makes for a great addition to a sunroom for reflective thinking during the day or in your living room to relax with your favorite activities. If you do not have company over often, you can try the inflatable corner sofa that blows up and stays firm for four of your guests to sit comfortably. Then, you can let the air out and store it away until you need it again for your next gathering.

To go with your new sofa, consider a tv cabinet vidaXL to complement its aesthetic.

3. Declutter Your Closets

While decluttering should be an activity to practice year-round to help keep your home as neat as possible, don’t forget to declutter your closets during spring cleaning. The fewer belongings that you own means that you will have to spend less time tidying it all up when resetting your home. In looking through totes of old belongings and out-of-season clothing, look at the items you have not used for the past six months to a year. Ask yourself if they still have a purpose in your life. If so, keep them and place them at the forefront of your closet to use them more. If not, throw worn items away or donate them if they still have some life left.

As you declutter your belongings, you can move around what you store to different areas of your closets. You may even find organizational tools that bring new life to one of the rooms in your home, such as an old unused shoe rack in your closet used for your home’s entryway.

4. Paint a Room in Your Home

Painting a room can transform a space without getting new furniture. Think about the theme and select a prominent color. Bring an example of the color into your local hardware store to match it with one of their wall paint can brands.

Dedicate at least an entire weekend to painting this room. Move all of your furniture and decor into another room and paint away!


We hope you can update your home in the way you love this spring. Happy home decorating!

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