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5 Best & Comfortable Sarees For Summer

Summer in India reminds us of the smell of freshly cut grass, the warmth of the sun and a season filled with festivals. Summer is a season of extreme heat and wearing a saree is no easy feat. Summer season needs fabrics that are breathable and comfortable. Sarees are the favourite adornment of Indian women and summer can be a tricky season.

Women need lighter fabrics, bright colours and elegant printed saree online to enjoy the fashionable vibe of this season. Summer fashion has never been easier. We have a summer fashion guide for you to choose the best summer sarees that are easier to carry and fashionable, too. Here are a few fabrics that are perfect to be worn in summer without compromising on your fashion statement.

Top 5 Best Sarees For Summer

  1. Cotton Saree For Summer :-

Cotton is the oldest fabric and has been used in India since centuries. It is the most common fibre used in our country to manufacture clothes. Cotton sarees are an ideal choice to be worn in summer. There are some properties of cotton that help women to adorn cotton sarees easily yet fashionably.

Cotton is a breathable fibre and has a water absorbent property. So, cotton sarees are perfect for summer as they easily absorb sweat and keep you dry and comfortable. Cotton sarees are light in weight and can get you through your day without any hassle.

Another brilliant property of cotton is that it has high resistance to heat, bleach and detergents. So, if you have to step out in the harsh sun you need not worry about damaging your saree. Cotton sarees are perfect for everyday use in summers because they are not easily damaged if washed regularly.

The small pores in cotton fibre make it a breathable fabric which is perfect for summer. Cotton sarees are light-weight, breathable, comfortable and do not require much maintenance, making them a perfect drape for summer.

  1. Khadi Saree For Summer:-

Khadi saree

Popularly known as the Fabric of Freedom,the Khadi fabric is a hand-woven fabric which has revolutionised the fashion industry. The trend of Khadi began with the freedom movement in India. The Khadi fabric goes way back in our roots and Mahatma Gandhi introduced India to this fabric.

Khadi has become a popular trend in apparels and ethnic wear because of its simple yet striking look. Khadi sarees are making a way into the fashion industry because of their elegance and graceful features.

Khadi is an adaptable fabric that is cool in summer and warm in winter. Khadi is a simple fabric but starching can help enhance its look as it gets stiffer. Khadi is a durable fabric and perfect for everyday use. Khadi sarees do not require much maintenance and perfect for summer. Khadi is a breathable fabric and it absorbs sweat keeping your dry and comfortable.

Khadi sarees are light-weight and come in a variety of prints and vibrant colours that can be flaunted during summer. Khadi sarees come in a variety of materials like Khadi silk, Khadi cotton, Khadi georgette and also pure Khadi. Pure Khadi is hand-woven whereas all the others are a blend of two or three materials.

  1. Linen Saree For Summer:-Linens saree

Linen sarees have an elegant look. They are graceful and stylish and can make a perfect drape for summer. Suitable for every weather, linen sarees are perfect for summer because of their light weight and sweat absorbent properties.

 Linen sarees are flexible and can make great drapes for causal and office wear. Lighter and comfortable fabrics like Linen are making their mark in the fashion industry and designers are experimenting with creating new designs everyday.

Linen is a graceful fabric and when styled elegantly it can enhance your look drastically. With the advent of this fabric you can find linen sarees in traditional prints as well as modern designs. Linen is a fabric for the modern woman who is elegant and stylish at the same time.

  1. Chiffon Saree For Summer:

Chiffon sarees are the most common and most used in India. Every woman has a closet full of chiffon sarees because it is widely available and easy to wear. Chiffon is a light fabric that comes in bright shades and a variety of prints.

Chiffon sarees are now being used by almost every woman because of its low maintenance, high durability and comfort. Chiffon sarees have gained popularity due to their high sweat absorbance and light weight that is comfortable and easier to carry.

Summer can be a tricky season as the fabrics tend to stick to your body but Chiffon is a breathable fabric and dries off easily. Chiffon sarees make a great choice for summer as it is easy, breezy and manageable.

Chiffon sarees come in a variety of bright colours and floral prints which are perfect for summer. They are a gorgeous pick with breathable, comfortable feel without compromising on your style and elegance.

  1. Georgette Saree For Summer:-

Georgette sarees are perfect for the scorching heat of summer and they can be your best summer friend. Plain georgette sarees are an easy breezy garment that will keep you cool and relaxed during summers.

 They make the perfect choice for everyday use and work wear for they are comfortable, breathable and hassle free. They also come in heavier borders and prints if you are choosing to wear them at events.

Georgette sarees have a vast variety to explore from and give you the comfort and style you seek from your wardrobe. Opt for Georgette sarees for the coming summer and beat the summer heat in style.

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