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5 Simple Rules to Master Before Buying Tops for Women

Ladies, you know that moment all too well. You peer expectantly into your closet to pick out a striking top for Monday morning, only to realise you have nothing to wear! It can strike momentary dread into the hearts of the best of us. Banish the fear! Having an organised selection of women’s tops in your wardrobe can be a huge life-saver. Build a smart collection of tops for women so you can take the guesswork out of even the most challenging of last-minute occasions.

Here are 5 rules to master for great ladies tops so you’re never short of practical as well as stylish tops to wear:

Optimize Your Closet With Staples

Create a collection of basic tops that you can use to dress up or dress down for any occasion. You can never go wrong with the cardinal colours – white, black, grey, and brown.  Keep a running stock of basic tees, bodysuits, string tops, crop tops, tubes, and tank tops in these colours. 

Here’s an example of how you use a basic item like a white tee to your advantage. Layer with a cardigan and a dramatic necklace for an elegant evening out. Wear a business jacket with a classic pair of pearl studs to slay at work.  Team with a pair of jeans and funky accessories in bright colours for a movie date. The possibilities are endless with a great collection of basics.

Match for Colour and Fit

Just because a top looked great on a runway model or your favourite celebrity, it doesn’t meet it will look good on you. When you shop for women’s tops, always look in the mirror to check for both a colour match as well as the right fit.

No colour looks “bad” on anyone. Different shades of the same colour suit people differently. You will look instantly brighter and glowier with the right shade of a colour. A piece of fabric fits right when it isn’t so tight it’s uncomfortable. It also shouldn’t be so loose that it hangs off your body like on a coat hanger. It should not make the bits you want to hide look more obvious.

Add Variety

Try different styles, prints, and fabrics. Build a collection of women’s tops that are suitable for different occasions. You’ll want a few different tops on a basic budget suited for work, casual wear, parties, dining out in a fancy restaurant, and ethnic-themed events.

You’ll also want tops suited for different types of weather.  Think light and airy for summer, and thick, warm and cosy for winter. Stock up on accessories like statement jewellery and printed scarves or stoles. There is nothing like an accessory to rejuvenate a top you use frequently.

Stay on Top of Trends

If you love to look fashionable and sartorially smart, you’ll always want to stay on top of trends. Stalking popular celebrities and influencers can be a good idea if you want ideas for the looks that are in right now. Look up Pinterest and Instagram for style inspirations.

Read up on seasonal fashion predictions that you can easily find online. Experts forecast upcoming trends so you know what to expect over the next few months. Alternatively, simply attend local fashion and fabric events. You’ll get a sense of what’s trending.

Detox Your Closet Every Year So You Know What to Buy Next

You want to review your wardrobe once every year and sort your tops into 3 different piles – Throw, Keep, and Donate/Sell. Doing an annual cleanse can help you prevent clutter and stay more organised. An annual detox will help you take stock of the tops for women you’re definitely using. You can then figure out how you want to add to them.

You know when it’s time to throw or donate/sell your tops if:

  • You’ve not used them in a year.
  • They have stains or holes that simply can’t be fixed.
  • They no longer fit.
  • They’re no longer trendy. But here’s the thing – styles have a way of resurging in cycles. And some vintage styles can look classy no matter the decade. Give it some thought before you purge your closet of classics.
  • You got them as gifts and you secretly hate them. Donate them if you can’t bring yourself to chuck them.

A little bit of thought and planning can help you create a closet of women’s tops that are stylish, functional, and occasion-appropriate. Master these 5 tips and you’ll always have the perfect top for every single style moment.

What’s your favourite tip to buy perfect ladies tops every time?  Tell us about it in the comments below!

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