5 Tips and Hacks to Women’s Everyday Jewellery:

5 Tips and Hacks to Women’s Everyday Jewellery

Silver jewellery – A woman’s best friend

It might sound a little too pushy but hear me out! I have always had silver jewellery in my bag. I am independent girl of the 21st century and I am no longer presumed to be a mother or a sister. Today I am a dreamer. And with one eye on my dreams, my other is certainly on fashion. I like staying trendly. Gold is certainly not for me since I am juggle through travelling for work and having the fear on me of losing gold jewellery will only slow me down. Enters silver jewellery! It keeps me classy, and on my toes. Since it is extremely affordable, I can easily replace it even if I lose it.

This knowledge and awareness has come by losing gold jewellery. And now I always have spare silver jewellery in my car.

  • Rhodium coated silver– What is it?

Today nearly all silver jewellery products are rhodium coated to avoid any kind of silver jewellery corrosion. Rhodium is a nobel metal and a rhodium coating on pure silver does not damage the silver material and completely eliminates any atmospheric interaction of the silver material. Rhodium plated silver jewellery cost nearly the same and silver jewellery stays shiny without turning black for almost 3 years.

  • The Sari Danglers Rule

Deciding on accessories for women or girls in a time of crisis can sometimes be a task of tragedy. The Sari Danglers Rule is your no brainer rule at times when you need your fashion on par the most. If you are wearing a sari any kind of dangler silver jewellery will suit the best. Any other options like studs or hoops will certain fall short in front when you have these in your jewellery box

  • Nose pins – The missing element

Today nose pin silver jewellery for women and girls is a very trendy market. If you haven’t tried it yet, I think its high time you did. You have no idea what you are missing on. Nose pins completely transforms your face and nearly fills that mssing element on your face. No matter what you are wearing, may it be a sari, a jeans and top at your office, a dungaree on an outing, or your wedding gown, this miraculous jewel completes the look of your face without needing anything else

  • Cleaning your Jewels – Easier than you though

If you have old women’s silver jewellery that has turned black and you want to reuse it with the same shine, well cleaning it is much easier than you thought. Take a bowl and cover it with aluminum foil with the shiny side facing upwards. Fill the bowl with hot water and add 1 tbsp of salt and 1 tbsp of sodium bicarbonate. Now keep your silver jewellery in it till you can observe black tarnish afloat on the surface of the water. Your silver jewellery will be shiny again just like how you had bought it.

  • Oxidized silver jewellery – The ultimate hack!

Oxidized silver jewellery is a timeless style of silver jewellery! In these styles the ornaments undergo an oxidation process and they are turned grey, making it look like an antique and aged ornament. You can wear them on western and traditional outfits without giving the slightest of a thought.

Bonus Hack

  • Order them Online!

Today there are several genuine online silver jewellery stores that allow you to place an order from the comfort of your home [silvershinejewellery.com]. They give you the comfort of browsing through various designs of pure sterling silver. All you’d have to do is place the order and receive it. No going to bazaars in search of silver accessories. No more fighting the traffic.

Author :

Shefali Chatrapriya

The author is a strong believer of equality of gender. Apart from writing, she likes to engage in peaceful discussions about world issues. She also enjoys jazz music, and her love for silver is truly a generational one. At a young age her mother had expected her to be a high-flyer since she was a curious kid, and had adapted her to using silver for her daily needs. The author wrote this since she felt that she had some years of experience and silver had enabled her to get through some of the most difficult times in the most gracefully effortless manner almost while deceiving others until they tried it themselves.

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