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6 Bedroom Interior Design Tips You’d Love

The digital world demands our peace and time, which makes the need for sound sleep even more apparent. Being well-slept not only improves productivity and focus but also benefits your health in so many ways. So how do you create a surrounding that promotes deep sleep? Simple; by improving your room interior design. Find hare – 6 Bedroom Interior Design Tips You’d Love.

Your bedroom is your cosy space and a place to curl up. It should reflect what you like, including colours, designs, and textures. But designing a bedroom isn’t as easy as it sounds. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Read through our quick guide and get to know some amazing bedroom design ideas that you can also use as living room ideas.  

Opt for Simplicity – The Key to Elegance 

No matter how you design your bedroom, it should look simple and sophisticated. Remember, your bedroom is a space where you relax at the end of a long and tiring day, and it should look like that.  

Leave enough space to walk in the room comfortably. Also, furnish your bedroom with only what you require. Anything else that you don’t necessarily need is clutter. When it comes to accessories, opt for minimalism. Choose an aesthetic piece of artwork, add some family photos, a few candles, and that’s it.  

Go for Subtle Colours – Your Partner in Relaxation  

Opt for soothing shades and a restful palette of pastel tones. Shades like lavender, blue and green are serene, whereas rich tones set the mood of comfort. Such shades include deep pomegranate or toasty brown. If you’re looking for a more neutral looking space, paint your bedroom in white, black, or grey

Never Overlook the Ceiling  

The ceiling is not an enclosure but the fifth wall in the bedroom. So, when you’re planning your room interior design, don’t overlook it unless you want to stare at a bland surface. Paint the room’s ceiling in a lighter shade of the wall colour. This will visually lower the ceiling and make the room look more intimate. And if you’re looking for something even better, you can wallpaper or stencil the ceiling.  

Prioritize Plenty of Storage  

To add to the calmness of your bedroom, store stuff out of sight. This way, your room will appear calmer.  

  • Use a storage bench at the foot of the bed to store extra blankets, pillows, and sheets  
  • Choose a spacious bedside table that has enough drawers to hide books, reading glasses, and other stuff 
  • You can also use a headboard with built-in sliding panels  

Add Luxurious Linens  

Dress your bedroom with luxurious and beautiful fabrics. These make your space look high-end and cosier.  

Pro Tip – Don’t opt for sheets that are not 100% linen or cotton.  

You can also add a silk bed canopy, soft floor coverings, and silk draperies to make your room aesthetically pleasing.  

Have a Private Cranny  

Most of us have fantasized about having a private little corner that offers comfort and intimacy.   Add a lounging or reading area to your bedroom at one of the corners. If your room has a window, build a window seat under it. Now you can enjoy the evenings looking down the window and experience the night chills!  

So, this was everything around improving room interior design. Remember, increasing comfort is not just limited to materialistic additions and eliminations. Try to limit your screen usage and relax in your free time.   And for the design part, you can leave it to Livspace. It is a professional interior designing company that offers end-to-end home design solutions. Get in touch with Livspace, sit back, and then watch your dreams become a reality. 

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