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6 Makeup Hacks Every Woman Should Know

In day-to-day to lives, women are always trying to find ways of simplifying their tasks and chores. Similarly, teenagers are always looking for safe teen makeup that is easy and quick to follow every day of the week. I’m going to tell you a few quick beauty hacks that will help you put on makeup efficiently and effectively.

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1. Use Clear Tape For Eyeliner:

This hack never fails my attempt to draw a perfect, sharp cat eye. All you need to do is take a piece of clear tape, stick it to the back of your hand so that the its stickiness lessens somewhat (this will prevent your foundation/concealer from getting peeled off along with the tape later) and put it on your eye diagonally, allowing for the margin along which you aim to draw the line. Draw the line and then fill in before taking the tape off. Voila! You can now see your perfect cat eye in the mirror. Always make sure your eyeliner is good for the waterline, these are some good options if you’re looking for your next perfect eyeliner.

2. Concealer = Corrector!

Concealer = Corrector!

The best part about concealers is, they can clear any smear of lipstick/eyeliner or a mascara smudge without ruining your foundation. This is the reason I always keep a tiny concealer jar in my handbag. Cream concealer formula works best for this hack, to begin with. I swear by this hack since it ha saved my day a million times.

3. Multi-purpose Products:

Multi-purpose Products:

Sure there are lip stains out there that can give your cheeks the perfect tint, and eye shadows that give texture to lips and mattify the look; but have you ever considered increasing your eye liner range by using lipstick for an eye liner? I find it fun to smear the bright, vivid colors on my eye lid. The texture comes out similar to gel eyeliner and gives a very funky vibe to the eye.

4. Thicken The Lashes:

Thicken The Lashes:

This tip has been around for a while and has been equally effective in making the lipstick last longer. Apply mascara on your lashes and once dried, dust some translucent powder on them with a small eye shadow brush. Then apply another coat of mascara. This will add an extra oomph to your lashes and maximize volume.

5. Setting Powder:

Setting Powder:

I consider translucent powder the mother of all makeups. Not because of the order in which the product was manufactured (I am not aware of its historical origin) but because of the fact that it supports makeup like no other product. Applying a bit of translucent powder before and after you apply your foundation curtails the excess oil on your face from ruining the look. Never forget to top your makeup off with a translucent powder, and certainly never forget to keep it in your handbag.

6. Bronzer For Eye Shadow:

Bronzer For Eye Shadow:

Another quick makeup fix, if your eye shadow has turned out a bit too dark for how you expected it to look like, apply some bronzer with a light brush. It should get fixed into a more neutral tone.

I hope these simple and easy strategies save your time and effort you spend in beautifying your face. Have a great day!

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