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6 Reasons Why Natural Skincare Products are Better

Your skin is delicate, and you make sure to take good care of it by using high quality beauty line skin care products. But did you know the synthetic skincare products that you use are doing more harm to your skin? These products claim to offer you healthy glowing skin, and you fall prey to them. In reality, you use toxic chemicals on your skin that sweep right into your bloodstream.

Now, keep everything aside and ponder that, aren’t you poisoning your skin and health day by day by using artificial skincare products? No doubt, you can get instant radiant, youthful skin right away, but it costs your health. These types of products have long-lasting side effects, which you may not experience currently but after some time, for sure. So, now is the time that you must consider natural skincare products as they are far better than synthetic products. The best part is, natural and organic products do not harm and damage your skin. Let us discuss some of the reasons why natural skin care products are better.

1. Gentle on the skin

Natural skincare products contain quality natural ingredients that are kinder to the skin. Also, these types of products generally suit all types of skin, such as dry, oily, and sensitive skin. Because such products do not contain harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, fillers, chlorine, phthalates, parabens, alcohol, silicones, and sodium lauryl sulfate, you won’t face serious skin conditions like eczema.

From a clinical study, it was noted that ingredients in natural products have many benefits for skincare. So, people with skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, rosacea, and acne can consider adding natural products to their skincare regime.

It is crucial to note that harsh chemicals damage the skin and make it prone to developing skin issues. So, natural skincare products win the battle.

2. No strange side effects

As discussed above, natural products do not contain artificial and harmful chemicals such as parabens, so you will probably not face any strange side effects when you moisturize or exfoliate your skin. Moreover, natural products are made from organic ingredients and are grown without any use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and other additives. Also, natural products use natural preservatives and herbal blends, which do not affect the body.

Such products are non-allergenic and are likely to cause less irritation and inflammation. There is no doubt that some people are allergic to certain natural ingredients such as lanolin, strawberries, and peanuts. The effects of such ingredients are easily identified as compared to synthetic ingredients. 

 No strange side effects

3. Better results  

Clean beauty products contain high-quality ingredients and are formulated with superior formulas. That means harsh chemicals are not used in filling the tube or bottle. Also, natural ingredients offer antioxidants that are great for skin health. So, such products are undoubtedly perfect for skin, and they can even protect you from aging.

Furthermore, these products have a high concentration of beneficial botanical ingredients that make them work great. That is why most natural skincare and anti-aging products are effective as they prevent dullness and dryness from the skin and make it firm. The point is to use the best skincare product so that you can get the radiating skin. You can achieve this by counting on top-quality natural products.

4. Provides nutrition to the skin

Plant-based or natural skincare products such as cleansers, moisturizers, and face scrubs, contain carbohydrates, minerals, proteins, fatty acids, and vitamins. These nutrients serve a dual purpose–they provide nourishment to the skin and improve your skin firmness. They are kind on the skin, so you can rest assured that you will be helping your skin by choosing natural products.

Natural ingredients like argan, coconut, tea tree, shea, jojoba, and aloe are generally used in most natural skin care products. These ingredients are safe and do not do any harm to the skin. Also, these ingredients contain compounds like resveratrol, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, and so on, which are optimal for skin health. Whereas synthetic products contain ingredients like glyceryl stearate, triclosan, etc., which lack crucial nutrients and can be detrimental to the body.

5. No testing on animals

The beauty industry is known to conduct animal testing in order to make sure that their cosmetic products are safe to be used by humans. But still, these synthetic skincare products harm the skin and can cause skin irritations, cancer, and birth defects. Well, you would be surprised to know that the FDA banned around 11 chemicals only where the EU banned 1,328 chemicals from cosmetics. So, choosing natural skincare products over synthetic beauty products becomes extremely important.

In organic skincare products, there’s no use of any chemicals, and no animal testing is required. So, you can count on cruelty-free skincare products. Not to mention, these products are ideal for vegetarians. 

6. Better for the environment

As mentioned before, natural products use ingredients that are grown naturally, and no pesticides and harmful fertilizers are used. Moreover, they are extracted from natural plants, whereas some ingredients of synthetic skincare products like lead require mining, which results in causing pollution. Also, during the formulation and use of these kinds of products, harmful chemicals are released into the environment. In fact, these products do more harm to the environment when they are washed down to the sink.

Clearly, synthetic skincare products are bad for the environment, whereas natural products do no harm to plants as well as animals and are good for the environment. So, if you choose natural skincare products, you won’t only do guilt-free shopping but will also protect biodiversity and the ecosystem. 

Final words

These reasons apparently state why natural skincare products are better when compared with synthetic cosmetic products. It is vital to note that by using synthetic skincare products, you would be letting harmful chemicals get into your bloodstream, and then they will be circulated throughout the body. The continued use of such products can lead to unwanted consequences. It is evident that such products can harm your health as they are full of toxins. Now the beauty industry is facing backlash, and that is why more and more people are opting for natural skincare products. So, are you ready to switch to natural and organic skincare products right away?


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