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6 Things You Must Not Return To Andaman in 2023: These Are Six Quirky Things

Many people associate Andaman and Nicobar Islands with beaches, colonial history and coral wealth. They often wonder if they could bring a piece of this beautiful heritage home. Good news, shopaholics! There are many things you can buy in Andaman, contrary to what most people believe. Andaman’s handcrafted goods make wonderful souvenirs, memorabilia, gifts, and decor for your home. Below are some amazing items you can purchase on your island trip at very affordable prices. Have a great time shopping in Andaman!

The 6 Best Things to Buy in Andaman

These are some of the best souvenirs you can buy here to remember your unforgettable trip to Andaman. Continue scrolling to learn more about the top things to buy in Andaman Islands and Nicobar Islands.

1. Pearls

What gift would you give to your friend or loved one? Are you unsure what to buy in Andaman Shining pearls from the Bay of Bengal are what you need! These are the best type of items to buy in coastal areas. There are many jewelry shops and artisans that claim to sell genuine and high-quality pearl items, such as ornaments, purses and accessories. However, it is important to always check the quality of any item before purchasing. These stunning treasures from the sea are abundant in the Andaman Islands.

2.  Spices

There are many spices and herbs that you can purchase, including black pepper, cardamom and cloves. They are grown in abundance on the Andaman Islands. These fragrant spices make great gifts and can be purchased in Andaman or Nicobar. There are many spice gardens and plantations located in Andaman. You can visit any one of them to taste the authentic Indian flavors. And hence, it must be a part of your Andaman Tour.

3. Fishbone articles

Although it may sound strange, fishbone products are very popular and make great gifts and home decor. Fishbone dolls are great souvenirs and gifts. These unique and beautiful items are usually made from bones taken from dead fish. Crafted by the skilled artisans of Andaman, these are essentially best-out-of-the-waste craft items that will make some of the best things to purchase in Andaman and should not be missed out.

4. Timber Crafts

Wooden objects are beautiful and attract attention. You will be hard-pressed not to purchase a lot of wooden products from Andaman and Nicobar. There are many timber-based products to purchase in the Andaman and Nicobar islands. It’s also one of the most popular things to do in Andaman.

5. Shells

Although collecting shells from Andaman’s beaches is prohibited, this doesn’t mean that you can’t bring home beautiful pieces of the sea. You don’t have to go through all the hassle of collecting shells from beaches. Instead, you can buy them at various shops and handicraft centres that sell them. They can be purchased in a variety of forms, including ashtrays and vases, lampshades, vases, ornaments or accessories, bags, wall hangings and buttons, key-chains, key-chains and packets of raw shells. These shells can then be transformed into beautiful items later. Keep the receipt handy as you will need it at security checkpoints.

6. Jute Items

Andaman’s jute handicrafts, which are plentiful in Andaman, make up some of the most popular things to buy in Andaman. This is one of the most important and successful industries in Andaman. It has been gaining more attention as local sellers and large marketplaces have switched from plastic bags to jute bags and cloth bags to save the environment. There are many options for jute products, including bags, shoes, hats and clothing. You can buy jute at the local markets, or from large emporiums.

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