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7 Distinctive Wedding Band Engraving Ideas and Ways to Find Her Ring Size Discreetly

Getting your wedding band engraved with a secret message is the best way to customize it. The selection of the perfect wedding ring requires incredible patience and competence. Are you going to design a wedding ring with a jeweler, buy one directly from the deal, or pick something vintage? Find here – Distinctive Wedding Band Engraving Ideas and Ways to Find Her Ring Size Discreetly

At the conclusion of this decision-making process, couples frequently do not know if they should include an engraving. There is something really very romantic about inscribing a special date, or two initials next to each other, or a phrase that only you as a couple understand.

Love Engraving Ideas

1. Traditional Engraving

Carving love quotations into rings have been popular for centuries. The Romans and Greeks frequently conveyed phrases of fidelity and love. The traditional engravings can include your wedding date, the date you met, a nickname that you gave each other, or it can be some love quotes such as” forever begins”, “till death do us part”, “happily ever after” or it can be just a be a simple word like I love you,  eternity, forever, always, etc.

2. Romantic Engraving

Romantic engravings can be short messages like, “A Dream We Dream Together is Reality”, “All I Am & All I Have”, “All I Want is a Lifetime With You” or it can be coordinates of the location you met at.

3. Funny Engraving

If you want to engrave something funny, a short inside joke or messages like, “put me back on”, “you’re stuck with me now”, “non-refundable”, “do not remove”, etc. work perfectly.

4. Religious Engraving

Religious verses have always been a very popular carving idea. Some verses that can be included are, “Let us love one another, for love comes from God”, “In God and thee my joy shall be”, “Where you go, I will go”, “Do everything in love”, etc.

5. Coordinating Engravings

Coordinating engravings can be like Ring 1 says: “Moon of my life” and Ring 2 says: “My sun and stars”, “After all these times – Always” and so on.

6. Song Lyrics Engraving Ideas

Do any lyrics embody your special relationship? Have you got a favorite verse of the first song you sang together? Nice memories like these are great additions to your band.

7. Initials and Dates

For many people, simply adding a date of marriage is a nice summary of the reunion of lives. Some brides or grooms use initials to make a ring a bit more personal. You can also buy wedding bands from New World Diamondsas they offer a very unique range for the same. They also offer 100% authentic and conflict-free lab created diamonds.

After this is done, it’s time to know the ring size of your partner discreetly. We have some tips mentioned below. If you’re considering asking your girlfriend to marry you, there might be a million questions in your head. Certain answers can arrive easily, like where you want to ask the question, how you will do it, and from where to buy the engagement ring. But as you get all these thoughts together, one question can get into your head and make you feel overwhelmed – how do I find out my partner’s ring size?

Borrow One of Her Rings

One of the easiest ways you can comprehend her ring size without her knowledge is to find one of her existing rings and borrow it for a while. Ensure that you take a ring that your partner wears on the ring finger of their right hand. You can buy her a ring inclusive of man made diamonds from New World Diamonds since they offer the best quality of conflict-free diamonds.

Get Help From Her Friends or Family

An excellent way to discover your partner’s ring size is by asking her friends or family. Odds are, at some point, they probably talked about engagement rings and the size of rings. However, along with this comes a bit of uncertainty. Your results may not be as precise as the size of a ring which she already wears on a daily basis unless a friend or family member knows the exact size of your partner’s ring.

Compare Her Fingers to Yours

This could be somewhat harder, but if you are desperate, move forward and go for it! Look at her finger size vis-à-vis yours while holding her hand without her thinking too much about what you’re up to. For instance, see if one of their fingers is the same size as yours, her ring finger might be the same size as your pinky finger or as such.

No matter whichever way you choose, just be confident while entering a store to buy a ring. You can purchase a CVD diamond ring from New World Diamonds since they provide a vast range of rings and are a 100% trusted brand.

Find here – Distinctive Wedding Band Engraving Ideas and Ways

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