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8 Best Beauty Products Every Mother Should Have on Hand

Are you a mom on the go who loves her beauty and skincare routine? Regardless of your lifestyle, personalized skincare and beauty routines are an important part of every woman’s confidence. If you feel like your current beauty regimen isn’t fitting in with your lifestyle, help is on the way! We’ll help you determine the beauty products that every mother should have on hand. These products are not only great for every kind of beauty routine, but they can make anyone feel radiant. Since you’re a busy mother who has a lot on her plate, it’s important to keep a few staple products that can really work double-time to make you look polished and feeling confident in a matter of minutes. We are going to recommend how to use these makeup and skincare products in a way that makes your beauty routine more practical to help free up your busy schedule.

What Kind of Makeup Is Best for Mothers?

Have you ever thought about adding clean skincare products to your beauty routine?  Whether you’re a new mom who is very conscious about the products and chemicals you and your baby come into contact with or you have long been hyper-aware of the skincare and beauty products you use on your face, clean beauty can alleviate your worries.

Clean and vegan beauty products are made without toxic chemicals such as phthalates, parabens, carcinogens, animal products, by-products or derivatives. Most skincare and beauty products aren’t regulated to the same degree that other products we ingest are, which means harmful and toxic chemicals can be found in all of these products. Not only is it important to keep toxic ingredients off your skin, but it’s also critical to keep these products away from children of all ages.

The next time you are shopping for vegan beauty products, you may not be able to look at the ingredient list and simply determine whether a product is toxic or not. The reason why this can be so difficult is that harmful and toxic ingredients can be disguised under different chemical names. So, how do you easily identify whether or not your new favorite beauty and skincare products are clean or vegan? Simple! Next time you’re shopping, look for a clean beauty section or the clean beauty logo, which is usually a leaf. You can also sign up for a vegan beauty box subscription to have clean and vegan products sent to your doorstep on a monthly basis.

Beauty Products Every Mother Should Have on Hand

Are you ready to shop for new, clean products? Before you do, make sure you reference this list of beauty products that every mother should have on hand so you know exactly what to buy!

1. SPF

Do you apply SPF to your face and body every day? Even if you don’t leave the house, an SPF 35 or higher should be a part of your daily skincare and beauty routine. If you only put on one product, this should be the one.

2. Tinted Moisturizer

You should always be moisturizing your face during your routine, but if you  also want a natural glow and a little bit of color, try a tinted moisturizer. Tinted moisturizers are great for busy mothers on the go because they combine foundation and SPF into one product while giving a natural, glowy look.

3. Eyebrow Gel or Wax

These days, it’s all about the brows. If you want to tame your brows, enhance their shape, or define them, you can use a tinted brow wax or gel. These products are quick to apply and look very natural. If you’re looking to simplify your makeup bag, stick with a brow gel since brow wax may often require you to also use a setting spray and a brush.

4. Mascara

The next time you’re shopping vegan beauty, make sure to pick up a mascara you love. A few swipes of mascara can quickly brighten your eyes and give you a polished look. If you’re on the go, we highly recommend a waterproof mascara so that you don’t have to worry about your eye makeup smudging or running.

5. Eyeliner

While eyeliner may not be an absolute must-have, it can help draw emphasis to your eyes and is a very versatile beauty product to have in your bag.

6. Blush and Bronzer Palette

For the days when you want to add a little more color and dimension to your face, having an all-in-one blush, bronzer, and highlighter palette on hand is key. Having one palette for highlighting and contouring allows you to free up space in your makeup bag and simplify the number of products you need to keep on hand.

7. Lip Tint

Applying and replying lipstick all day long probably isn’t on your agenda. However, if you love the look that lipstick gives you, maybe try a lip tint. Lip tints last all day, and they don’t smudge. They are perfect for the mom on the go. 

8. Powder

Do you find that your skin gets oily throughout the day and you wish you had the chance to touch it up? By keeping some loose powder or a powder foundation compact on hand, you can quickly blot away oil and keep your makeup looking fresh.

We hope that this article helped you identify some must-have beauty products that you can add to your regimen. Remember: you should embrace a beauty routine that reflects your lifestyle and makes you feel confident and radiant. Whether that routine looks like a seven-step routine or just some moisturizer and mascara, every person has their own definition of beauty.  And if it’s vegan beauty, that’s a bonus for the animals and the planet!

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