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8 Dos and Don’ts for Taking Care of Your Designer Sunglasses

Sunglasses are one of the few accessories that many people can’t live without. 

By wearing a pair of shades, you protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. At the same time, they complete and elevate your outfit.

Having the right pair of sunglasses, though, is important if you want to have an accessory that protects your eyes and makes you look good.

Getting thebest designer sunglasses in Dubai ensures you have the right protective eyewear that also delivers an elegant touch to your outfit.

When you get the right designer sunglasses, you can make a fashion statement while keeping your eyes safe.

Caring for Your Designer Sunglasses

Since designer sunglasses can cost a lot, you have to know how to take care of them to ensure you can use them for a long time.

Below are the top dos and don’ts you have to remember to maintain and prolong the look, quality, and usability of your designer shades:


1.      Clean your sunglasses correctly regularly.

Sunglasses are prone to smudges since they can get oils from your fingers and skin. Your shades can also pick up specks of dirt and grime from the outdoors.

Additionally, your shades are also prone to getting makeup residue and films of salt or chlorine from the ocean or pool when you frequent these places.

To remove smudges and continue wearing sunglasses that give you clear vision, clean them regularly.

Rinse your eyewear under warm water. Next, put a few drops of mild dishwashing or regular soap on your fingers and rub them gently on the frames, lenses, and nose pad.

Rinse the sunglasses again after a few seconds.

If possible, leave your sunglasses to air dry. If not, always use the microfiber cloth that came with them to wipe them.

To keep smudges away, wash your designer sunglasses once a week. During summer, do this more often, possibly even every day.

2.      Always use the cleaning cloth that came with your sunglasses.

Whether you are wiping your sunglasses dry after washing them or removing a small blot, always use the microfiber cloth they came with.

Keep in mind that even the tiniest particle can cause minuscule scratches on the lenses if you use a rough cloth, such as the hem of your shirt or handkerchief.

As such, always use the microfiber cloth that came with your sunglasses when cleaning them.

If you want to make sure you always have microfiber cleaning cloths at hand, ask your optometrist or the staff where you bought your shades if they sell spares. Keep one in your bag, your car, bed stand, and your office desk drawer so that you have something you can use when you need one.

3.      Store your shades properly.

To keep your sunglasses protected, always store them in their hard case when not using them. Doing so reduces your chances of breaking or bending the expensive branded frames.

It also prevents dust from piling onto the shades when you don’t use them.

Avoid simply tossing your sunglasses in a drawer or your bag. Always put them in a hard case first and gently place them in storage.

As an additional tip, avoid placing your sunglasses on the top of your head. This bad habit can cause you to bend or distort your designer eyewear’s shape.

Your shades are also likely to fall off and become damaged if you keep putting them over your head.

4.      Always keep your hands clean.

Your hands, particularly your fingertips, often have dirt and germs that can get transferred on your sunglasses.

The dirt and oil from your fingers can cause scratches or smudges on the lenses, which can cause permanent damage. You might also need to clean them more often.

To continue wearing hygienic and easy to clean shades, wash your hands thoroughly or use hand sanitizer before handling or touching them.

Do this before washing or cleaning your sunglasses as well.


1.      Use a tissue and other rough materials to wipe your shades.

Aside from your shirt or hanky, you may end up wiping your sunglasses with a tissue or paper towel intentionally or unintentionally.

Whether or not you do this on purpose, avoid using any type of paper product to clean your sunglasses.

This is because all paper products contain wood fibers that can scratch the lenses. Additionally, some tissue brands have moisturizers that leave a film, which can eventually damage your designer eyewear.

To protect your designer sunglasses, remember to always use a microfiber cloth when cleaning them.

2.      Put your sunglasses with the lenses down.

When removing your sunglasses, never put them face down even if you are placing them on a smooth surface, such as a granite countertop or table.

Avoid doing this as well when putting your designer shades on a couch, chair, or inside a drawer.

If you do, you run the risk of scratching the lenses.

When removing your sunglasses for a few minutes, always place them face up. If you are taking them off for the day, always store them in their hard case first. This reduces the chance of scratching the lenses.

3.      Expose your sunglasses to excessive heat.

Never leave your designer eyewear on the dashboard of your car on hot summer days. Also, avoid putting your shades on a table or any place where they can be exposed to direct sunlight.

The excessive heat and direct sunlight can cause the plastic frame to distort and warp, which can result in the lenses cracking.

Metal frames can also be damaged by excessive heat, so be careful where you leave them during scorching days.

If you don’t need to wear your shades, make it a habit to put them in their hard case and bring it wherever you go.

4.      Adjust your shades by pushing the nose piece.

Lastly, if you have the habit of pushing up your sunglasses by applying pressure to the nosepiece, unlearn it as soon as possible.

Adjusting your eyewear by pushing the nosepiece frequently throughout the day can ruin the finish on the frame, causing it to look old and worn prematurely.

If you feel your shades slipping, grip the rim of the lens with your thumb and finger and adjust appropriately to avoid damaging them.

When you know how to take care of your designer sunglasses properly, you can enjoy using them for a long time and wearing them with your clothes, especially yoursummer outfits.

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