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8 Reasons Why You Should Be Drinking Whisky

This famous liquor from Scotland has long been seen in important life occasions. But more than that, it turns out that whisky has surprising health benefits, which come from how it is made and processed. What are these health benefits?

With its incredible taste, it is hard to believe that whisky contains no fat and very little amount of sodium. Plus, the amount of sugar in the drink is the simple type, which the body can break down easily. Moreover, it reduces appetite. A shot of Johnnie Walker towards the end of your dinner ensures that you are not going to overeat on dessert. If you wish to find more health benefits of whiskey, read on:

Fights Cancerous Cells

Ellagic acid, an antioxidant, is found in whisky. This antioxidant obstructs your system from getting in contact with cancer-causing compounds you may ingest, such as those found in cigars.

Reduces Stress

With the stress brought by your everyday work, you deserve a break. Take a shot (or two!) of your favourite whisky to ease your thoughts before going to bed. This is a relaxing way to end a long day at work.

Controls Risk of Diabetes

For those at risk of diabetes, pick whisky over beer. When drunk moderately, it helps with your body’s ability to regulate glucose and insulin levels, reducing the chances of diabetes.

Contributes to Overall Heart Health

Both wine and whisky contain healthful elements that give your heart a boost. It reduces the chances of blood clotting, decreasing the risk of a heart attack. Moreover, small amounts of whisky increase HDL levels, which helps protect you from developing heart disease. If your family’s health history includes relatives who suffered from a stroke or heart attack, a shot of whisky a day could help you avoid that same health problem.

Aids Digestion

In the olden times, whisky is consumed after each meal to help the food easily pass through the digestive system. With its ability to pump fresh blood to the system and the organs, it relaxes the body and gets it to work for easier digestion. It lowers the risk of indigestion, giving you a restful sleep at night after a sumptuous dinner.

Reduces Risk of Dementia

Dementia is a common disease faced by elders. Although scientists continuously work hard on research, there’s still no cure yet. If you want to avoid such a disease, you may want to take preventive steps. A few shots of Johnnie Walker every week can lower your risk of dementia. 

Eases Flu and Cold

Suffering from cold or flu can be frustrating. Shivers, scratchy throat, stuffy nose; they are not fun at all. Thankfully, we have whisky to ease the symptoms. A cup of hot toddy made of honey, lemon and whisky can provide relief. As the alcohol dilates the blood vessels, it is easier for the mucus to deal with body infection.

It’s Simply Delicious

Plain and simple, whisky is delicious. The unique layers of flavours, the initial burning sensation from the alcohol, the aroma of caramel and vanilla is a sensual experience that’s simply addicting.

Perhaps, the last one is the only reason you need to keep drinking whisky. However, remember that you get to enjoy the health benefits provided above if you only drink it moderately. After all, nothing is good for the body when consumed excessively.

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