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A Guide On Positive Thinking

There are many techniques that can be used to increase positive thinking. Some of these include positive imagery, positive self talk and more. In this post, we will look at a couple of tips based on psychiatry that will help you to think more positively. Find here – A Guide On Positive Thinking.

8 Best Guide on Positive Thinking

Pay attention to good things

Life is filled with difficult situations and various obstacles. So, when you have to deal with one, it is important that you pay more attention to the good things even though they may appear to be insignificant or very small. This will allow you to always see the silver lining in the grey clouds. For example, if you have plans with someone and they cancel, think about how you now have some extra free time that you can use to watch your favorite show or movie or do another hobby that you like.

Be grateful

It is very important to practice gratitude since it helps to lower stress, increase resilience as well as increase self esteem. You should consider the people or things that make you happy or provide comfort and be grateful for those things every day. For example, you can express gratitude by thanking a co-worker for assisting you with a difficult task at work, your dog for always being happy to see you or even your spouse or child for doing all the laundry at home.

Create a gratitude journal

When you record all the things that you’re happy and grateful for, this can greatly enhance your feelings of well being and make you quite optimistic. This can be done by creating a gratitude journal where you write all the things that you’re grateful for every day. It is important to do this exercise, even on difficult days.

Enjoy a good sense of humor

There are numerous studies that show humor helps to reduce depression, stress and anxiety. It also works quite well at improving self esteem, coping capabilities as well as overall mood.

You should look at the funny side of things in difficult situations and allow yourself to laugh. This helps to make things lighter and the situation would appear to be less challenging. So, even if you’re not feeling to be humorous, you should still try to pretend to laugh and this will still help to reduce stress as well as improve your mood.

Hang out with positive persons

Did you know that positivity and negativity are actually contagious? Pay attention to the persons that you spend the most time with. Do you realize that when someone is in a bad mood, it negatively effects everybody else in the vicinity? In the same manner, a positive person also positively impacts others as well.

When you are around positive people, it actually increases your self esteem and it makes it a lot more likely that you would achieve your goals. So, make sure that you surround yourself with people who are mostly positive so that they can lift your mood and ensure you have a positive outlook on life.

Positive self talk

If you’re like most people, you’re likely very critical and hard on yourself. As time passes by, this may make you feel negatively about yourself which can be very difficult to stop. So, if you want to stop this then you need to be more aware of your inner voice and your responses. Basically, you should strive to make this self talk positive.

According to research, when you make a shift in this manner it can positively affect your ability to control your thoughts, feelings and even behaviors. For example, if you did something wrong and you think, “I messed up”, you should instead try to think “I’ll try to do that again in a different manner.”

Look at negative areas

You should look at all of the various parts of your life and look at the areas that are very negative. If you don’t know, simply ask a colleague or close friend. In most cases, they’ll be able to identify these areas. For example, a colleague may realize that you are typically quite negative when you’re at work. Your significant other may realize that when you drive, you’re quite negative.

Positively start the day

You should develop a ritual so that you start every day in a positive manner. A couple ideas include:

  • Listening to fun and positive songs
  • Using positive affirmations to tell yourself that the day is going to be amazing
  • Compliment others or even do nice things for others to share positivity

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