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A Honest Review of New Elle18 Eye Drama Kajal

Elle 18 has been considered the “first makeup” by many ’90s babies due to its quality in the low price range, which won their hearts. As they grew up and got bitten by the makeup bug, they started emptying their pockets on makeup brands with insanely high prices, resulting in Elle 18 products being forgotten in their “advanced” makeup world.

My honest review – Elle18 Eye Drama Kajal

However, the brand continued to improve its products within the same amazing price range. Now, as a mommy of a hyper-active toddler, there is barely any time for even a moisturizer. New makeup launches no longer excite them, mostly due to the lack of time. Nevertheless, they still manage to find time for a dab of powder and some kajal and lip balm.

Recently, their Plum kajal (review HERE) ran out, leading them to go back to their old favorite, Elle 18, to avoid spending too much money. Read on to see how Elle 18 kajal works as well as expensive counterparts.

It notes that the product is available in a twist-up retractable pencil form and is priced at Rs. 140 for 0.35gm. During the ongoing sale on Amazon, a pack of two could be bought for Rs. 180. As a result, many women’s decided to seize the opportunity and grabbed the deal.

The product impressed with its lack of smell or fragrance and its non-stinging quality on the eye waterline. The brand claimed that it is also safe for contact lens wearers. Elle 18 kajal, while not as intense as the Colossal kajal, outperformed it in terms of gliding smoothly. Its application proved to be super smooth, and the slight creaminess allowed for the smudging of harsh lines creating a smokey effect.

The kajal lived up to its non-smudge claim as there were no raccoon eyes. However, it observes that after wearing it for four to five hours, the kajal spread slightly toward the outer edge of the eyes. Despite this, the pigment still remained on the lash line, although there was some fading on the waterline. It was admitted that there was no other makeup on the face at that time. Nonetheless, it was believed that on a face properly prepped with foundation, concealer, and powder, this kajal would perform better. The product is water-resistant, as it didn’t budge when water was playfully splashed on the face by the son.

For daily use, this kajal is appreciated. It was observed to be smooth, sufficiently black, and not prone to excessive smudging. Also noted that it stays in place for a considerable time. However, it was suggested that for heavy-duty occasions like a bride, it may not be recommended without setting the eye contour with additional products.

New Elle18 Eye Drama Kajal Review


It observes that the kajal comes in very cute black outer paper packaging, adorned with a nice girl’s face printed on the outlet. It notes that the packaging exudes a girly charm, but unfortunately, my kajal arrived in a slightly damaged condition, giving it a messy appearance. Nevertheless, the product itself features a retractable pencil design with a nice cap. It finds that the twist-up mechanism works nicely, and the kajal’s overall presentation is quite attractive. its packaging is really good, I impress.


It observes that this product provides only one shade, which is a bold black, and it notes that the shade is a perfect jet black with impressive pigmentation. It finds that only one to two strokes need to build up the intense black color on the eyes, resulting in a bold appearance. The kajal’s high-pigmented quality ensures a striking and impactful look with minimal effort.

Elle 18 Eye Drama Kajal Shades

Texture & Quality:

It notes that the kajal has a super creamy and soft texture, enabling it to glide smoothly on the eyes without any tugging, even on the waterline. Due to its creamy nature, the kajal is easy to apply. Upon application on the eyes, it imparts a glossy finish initially, later settling down to a velvety, silky texture. The kajal find not to feel patchy or dry during the application, and its smooth and even application enhances the beauty of the eyes.

It observes that the kajal allows for the effortless creation of thick lines, and it appears perfect on the waterline. It also notices that it can use on both the upper and lower lash lines. Additionally, the kajal uses as a base for a smoky eye look and works nicely in various ways. The bullet of the kajal is to be quite strong, ensuring that it doesn’t break easily.

Staying Power:

It states that the product claims to have long-lasting performance throughout the day. It observe that if the eyes do not touch, the kajal lasted nicely for approximately 9-10 hours. However, after around 8 hours, it notice to appear slightly smudged on the corners, and in case of rubbing the eyes, it tended to look a bit messy. Nevertheless, under normal conditions, the kajal stayed firmly in place without moving. The longevity on the waterline finds to be impressive, lasting around 6 hours.

With the current pleasant weather, the kajal exhibited good staying power. However, there were uncertainties regarding its performance in hot and messy weather, as it acknowledges that it is not a perfect smudge-proof kajal. Despite this, it appreciates its amazing performance at present, offering satisfactory results.


When it comes to pigmentation, the Elle18 Eye Drama Kajal truly shines with its impressive color payoff. This kajal offers an intensely pigmented jet-black shade that delivers a bold and striking look in just one swipe.

The rich and deep black hue is perfect for creating dramatic eye looks, adding depth and definition to the eyes. Its high pigmentation ensures that you don’t need to apply multiple layers to achieve the desired intensity, saving you time and product.



The formula of the Elle18 Eye Drama Kajal is one of its standout features, providing a delightful experience during application. This kajal boasts a creamy and smooth texture that glides effortlessly on the eyes, ensuring a seamless and precise application without any tugging or discomfort.

The creamy consistency allows the kajal to deposit rich pigmentation in just one or two strokes, creating an intense jet-black shade that instantly enhances the eyes. Its smooth texture also makes it easy to create various eye looks, whether you prefer a bold winged liner or a smudged and smoky effect.

Travel Friendly:

When it comes to travel-friendliness, the Elle18 Eye Drama Kajal ticks all the right boxes, making it your perfect on-the-go makeup companion.

First and foremost, its packaging is compact and sleek, designed to fit easily into your purse, makeup bag, or even your pocket. The kajal comes in a retractable pencil form with a secure cap, ensuring no product wastage or accidental smudging during travel.

Its compact size and twist-up mechanism also mean that you won’t need to carry a sharpener, saving space and reducing the risk of any mess while you’re on the move.


When it comes to affordability, the Elle18 Eye Drama Kajal truly stands out as a pocket-friendly gem. This kajal offers fantastic quality at a price that won’t break the bank, making it a go-to choice for budget-conscious makeup enthusiasts.

Despite its affordable price, the Eye Drama Kajal doesn’t compromise on performance. It boasts a rich and intense jet-black shade that provides a striking look with just one strokes. The creamy texture glides smoothly on the eyes, ensuring easy and precise application without any tugging or discomfort.


When it comes to accessibility, the Elle18 Eye Drama Kajal excels by being widely available and easily accessible to consumers. This product can find in various retail outlets, both offline and online, making it convenient to get.

You can easily find this kajal in local drugstores, supermarkets, and beauty stores. Additionally, it widely stock on online platforms, making it accessible to customers from different regions and locations.


The performance of the Elle18 Eye Drama Kajal is impressive, delivering a delightful experience for users seeking a bold and long-lasting eye makeup look.

The kajal offers an intense jet-black shade with exceptional pigmentation, creating a striking and captivating appearance on the eyes. Its creamy and smooth texture glides effortlessly during the application, allowing for precise and even lines without any tugging or discomfort.

Once applied, the kajal settles down into a velvety, silky texture, maintaining its bold color and vibrancy throughout the day. With just one or two strokes, you can achieve the desired intensity, saving time and product.

Pros of Elle 18 Eye Drama Bold Black Kajal:

  • The packaging is cute and girly.
  • The kajal is super affordable.
  • It offers a perfect jet-black shade with excellent pigmentation.
  • It looks bold and striking in the eyes.
  • The kajal has a super creamy texture that glides easily on the eyes.
  • It doesn’t feel patchy or dry during application.
  • The kajal provides a neat and easy application.
  • It doesn’t smudge automatically.
  • The kajal doesn’t transfer onto the eyelid.
  • It is decently waterproof.
  • The kajal stays long on the eyes, even on the waterline.
  • It has never caused irritation to my eyes.

Cons of Elle 18 Eye Drama Bold Black Kajal:

  • The kajal is not completely smudge-proof.
  • It tends to smudge when touching or rubbing the eyes.
  • By the end of the day, it smudges from the corners.
  • There is no ingredient list provided.

IMBB rating: 4.5/5


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