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6 Essentials and Accessories to Take With You on Your Couple Trip

Going on a trip as a couple is one of the most exciting experiences you can do with your significant other.

So if you want to enjoy it to the fullest you do not want to neglect any detail. Here you will find a list of essential accessories that should not be missing if you want to enjoy your trip and spend memorable moments with your partner. This list is only a guide, and you will be able to adjust it according to your own needs and also according to your travel destination. Get ready and enjoy your trip with your partner.

Appropriate Underwear

Appropriate Underwear

When you think of a couple of trips, the first thing that comes to mind is likely to be sexy, lacy underwear. But beyond that, and depending on the destination that you and your partner have chosen to visit during your romantic vacations as a couple, you will need comfortable, soft underwear that is appropriate for the activities that you will carry out. Of course, you should get beautiful lingerie for special nights with your partner and other types.

So do not forget to take a look at your travel schedule and buy the right underwear for each day. And this underwear does not have to be boring or ugly, but apart from being comfortable, you can surely get models that make you feel beautiful and sensual.

Your Favorite Fragrance

Your Favorite Fragrance

Rest assured that a pleasant fragrance can be one of the most captivating things for your partner. Although smelling good is a must for everyday life,  it is even more necessary during a couple’s trip. You can even wear different types of fragrance according to each occasion, like a tropical splash for when you go to the beach, elegant perfume for a special dinner with your partner, soap with chamomile or relaxing aromas for your bath before bedtime, and some body cream for when you go to bed.

Choosing the right fragrance is very entertaining, and you will surely spend a lot of time trying to choose the right one. It is also a very unique activity you could do with your partner. Choose a fragrance that you like for each other, and you will enjoy your time together even more.

Comfortable and Cute Sleep Sets

Comfortable and Cute Sleep Sets

When you travel with your partner, every moment is unique, including bedtime. In the Lunya women’s collection, you will find different types of pajamas that will make you look beautiful even when you have already removed your makeup and washed your face. You can choose between jumpsuits, slip dresses, rompers, silk sets, and more. Do not doubt that if you wear delicate and soft pajamas, you will attract even more attention from your partner, and they will realize how beautiful you are at any time of the day.

Besides the pajama sets, you can also include some accessories that will improve your sleeping experience and be nice accessories to your pajamas. The scrunchies, sleep masks, and robes will add an unusual detail and make you look even more elegant and refined. Of course, there are ideal pajamas for every occasion, but if you want to spend some unforgettable time with your partner after an elegant dinner, silk pajamas could be the best option.



The sun gives us energy, and vitality, and benefits our health, but we must be careful. We never tire of repeating it to you: protection is essential, especially if you are going on vacation in a sunny destination, where you will probably experience many hours of sunshine.

Although it is true that in winter, you could be exposed for fewer hours and more protected since you will be wearing more clothes, UV radiation continues to affect our skin and in the long term, has consequences. Do not let sunstroke ruin your vacation or affect your skin. If you are going on a trip, bring sunscreen for you and your partner.


swimsuit photo

Any seasoned traveler will tell you that you should never leave your swimsuit at home. No matter what your destination is, you will surely be able to find some activity where a swimsuit is more than necessary, and this is even more urgent if you visit somewhere on the beach or a sunny destination.

Currently, there are many models that you can choose from, and that adapt to the personality of each woman. Whether you like to show off your body or are more demure, you can choose from hundreds of beautiful swimsuits. If you are going to the beach, you will also want to bring a hat to cover you from the sun and glasses to protect your eyes. Many beach accessories are essential to carry in your suitcase. But, likely, you do not have the necessary space in your suitcase so choose your travel companions carefully.

Different Types of Footwear

Different Types of Footwear

When you travel with your partner, you will want to look good all the time. But do not make the mistake of wearing uncomfortable shoes just for the looks. Once you are clear about where you want to travel, investigate the climate of the place you will visit and the type of soil there is. This way you will know the type of footwear you should wear and of course, you will be able to choose them according to your style so that you look good all the time.

However, you also do not want to fill your suitcase and fill it up very quickly. So try to bring as few shoes as possible, especially if you plan to go shopping. The basics that cannot be missing would be flip flops, sports shoes, and more formal shoes, which you can use to go to a special dinner.


Going on a trip with your partner is one of the most special moments of any relationship. For everything to go perfectly, you must take several essential accessories with you, that will make your trip a much more romantic and unique experience. Pick the prettiest pajamas, and the right underwear, and do not forget your sunscreen and bathing suit. By bringing all the necessary accessories to your trip, you and your partner will enjoy it without suffering setbacks.

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