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Affordable And Stylish Clothing Brands For This Eid

Muslim women all around the world will agree with the dilemma that they have when it comes to their Eid dress. What to wear? What brand to buy? How to keep both style and budget in parallel? These are a few questions that almost every woman has when she is searching for her perfect dress for Eid.

Every woman wants to look their absolute best on Eid day. Nobody wants to wear same style of clothes repeatedly. Many women think that their budget could put a restraint on their plan of looking their best. It is common conception that the expensive the dress is, the better it is. But this is not actually the case. If you want to buy a dress that is in your range and is also trendy then we got your back.

These are the five affordable brands that you can turn to for your Eid dress this season.

1. Sapphire

Sapphire is a brand that entered in Pakistan a few years ago, but it has made its place in clothing market as one of the best and affordable brands.

Sapphire was founded by one of the biggest names in Pakistani textile industry. They have something for everyone and for every occasion like daily wear, party wear, formal wear, silk tunics and unstitched fabric. Their clothes are made from 100% pure fabric which assures best quality and comfort.

Sapphire could very well be the place to go for Eid shopping as it has unprecedented design aesthetic at an affordable price.

2. Agha Noor

Agha Noor is a home to formal and affordable clothing. It has become the go to place for women who wants to buy stylish formal clothes in a limited price range.

They provide a large variety of clothes that includes different colours, designs and the type of work.

Agha Noor provides a formal dress in a range of PKR 3K to 5K depending on the embellishment and design which is quite affordable.

3. Nishat Linen

Nishat linen is one of the most well equipped, modern and largest textile companies in Pakistan. Nishat Linen is known to incorporate tradition into their clothes as their idea is to transform fashion into something that represents you and your culture.

Nishat Linen provides both formal and casual clothes in stitched and unstitched forms.

The clothes from Nishat Linen would be comfortable, affordable and stylish. These are all the boxes to tick in an Eid dress.

4. Ethic

Ethic is a sub-brand of OUTFITTERS. It was introduced in 2013 and it mainly focuses on ethnic clothing. Ethnic is known for their unique prints, vibrant colours and detailed craftsmanship.

As its name indicates, Ethnic is a home to traditional clothing. Ethnic by Outfitters is one of the most trusted brands in women when it comes to their style choices. Like many other brands, Ethnic sells both stitched and unstitched clothes.

To buy Eid dress this season, Ethnic is a place that you would want to visit.

5. Khaadi

Khaadi was established in 1998 with an idea to produce hand woven clothes. In many ways Khaadi has succeeded in their initial idea. They sell formal and informal clothes.

Khaadi is a trusted brand which is equipping women with best quality clothes that are trendy and affordable. Their clothes would make a perfect outfit for you this Eid.

These are the most prestigious brands of Pakistani textile industry. They are striving to provide their customers with best quality clothes and making sure that their clothes can be afforded by the lower middle class as well.

The clothes from these brands would make a perfect Eid outfit for you.

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