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An Easy Guide: 8 Different Types of Bar Stools That You Should Get

When choosing a piece of furniture or fixture at home or for business, people will often put extra effort into its aesthetic appeal. How it looks and how it goes with other furniture is very important — the color, materials, and design. Aside from the fact that its physical appearance is what will attract your visitors and customers, it also plays a big role in the blending of your interior design.

Chairs and stools are some of the easiest yet major decisions you have to make. If you fail to choose the right seat, it can disrupt the looks and functionality of your other indoor items. To help you choose the right piece, here is a guideline on the different types of bar stools.

  1. Bistro Style Bar Stools

One of the most common types of bar stools is bistro-style. It is called such because it is often used in bistros or cafes. Usually, it is made of wood with an iron frame plus a backseat. Think of it as a decorative high chair for adults that can be used in many types of interior design themes. It’s very economical and easy to maintain as well. If you are looking for a simple bar stool that will best fit a contemporary interior design, this is the best choice for you.

  1. Swivel Bar Stools

For small offices and waiting areas, the usual bar stool style is called stationery designs. It’s typically round shape made of memory foam with a stainless or metal body. It also has a round base which helps keep it sturdy. The height of these types of bar stools can be adjusted depending on your preference. But, of course, to make sure that it will add comfort to whoever uses it, there’s a metal ring on the middle part of its body that serves as a footrest. It’s best to use for reception areas where an individual needs something to sit on for a shorter time.

  1. Bucket Stools

Restaurants and high-end bars often use bucket stools. This is because it’s more comfortable to sit in even for long hours. Bucket stools are like an upgraded version of the bistro-style stools. It has a more durable frame and a more comfortable seat that’s often built with foam. It’s backseat as well is more round and cozier. It’s also low maintenance because most are made with vinyl or leather so cleaning is pretty much easy.

  1. Rustic Metal Stools

This particular stool is purely made of metal from top to bottom. It is often used for workshop areas. Because of its materials, this bar stool gives a more industrial vibe compared to the other types. However, if you are looking for an edgy and rustic design for your interior, this may be the best type of stool for you.

  1. Backless Bar Stools

For a more stylish bar stool, you may want to consider using the backless type. It is typically made of wood and with intricate designs. Backless bar stools are popularly used for lunchrooms, kitchen counters, and even for backyard tables. Because of its stunning woodwork, many people prefer to use it both as a piece of functional furniture and interior decoration as well.

  1. Pub Style Stool

Another bar stool that’s popular in many restaurants and cafes are the pub style stools. It usually has a wooden frame and a foam seat. The finishing is more elegant compared to a bistro-style stool and it’s a bit more minimalist compared to bucket stools. It’s a combination of both.

  1. Modern Bar Stools

If you are looking for something more unique, you can always choose the modern bar stools. These seats are designed with creative shapes and colors and are made with different types of materials. Some pieces of modern bar stools are made to order, which means you can request the manufacturer to personalize a style that will fit your needs.

  1. Retro Bar Stools

Are you familiar with the old school diner set up? The bar stools used in their bars are retro bar stools. These are made with metal and high-grade plastic often come in neutral colors. It’s also adjustable and can be swiveled as well. If you want your dining area to look as if you are from the 70s or 80s movie, you can choose this particular bar stool.

Where should you buy bar stools?

To look for various types of bar stools, you can always go to the nearest furniture shop and choose the best type for your need. You will surely find a piece that will fit your preference and necessities. However, if you want a more convenient experience, you can always check out They have a variety of home and business improvement ideas that will surely help you. Visit their website to know more!

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