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Anti-Wrinkle Tips For Seniors With Aging Skin

Aging is no fun which is why Hollywood elite do what they can to prevent it. While most celebrities choose cosmetic procedures to combat aging, others, very few, opt for noninvasive alternatives. Fortunately, there are plenty of anti-wrinkle treatments available over the counter and under the advice of a licensed dermatologist. Keep your skin healthy, youthful, and glowing with the tips provided below.

Learn Effective Ways To Deal With Stress

According to research, stress and wrinkles go hand-in-hand. What this basically means is stress has a tendency to cause wrinkles. Experts have found a connection between increased cortisol and fine lines and wrinkles. Cortisol is an adrenal gland hormone that plays a role in various bodily functions, such as glucose regulation and wound healing. The steroid hormone increases when the body becomes stressed, resulting in a decrease in collagen levels. The end result is fine lines and eventually wrinkles if the problem is addressed in a timely manner.

Yoga and meditation are great ways to combat stress. In stressful situations, people can simply meditate to keep their cortisol levels from increasing and collagen from decreasing. 

Eat More Beta Carotene

Beta carotene has long since been attributed to the color of plants. It is a carotenoid that acts as an antioxidant to ward off conditions like cancer, poor vision, inflammation, and heart disease. 

As an antioxidant, beta-carotene can ensure the body ages in a healthy manner. Sufficient beta carotene in the body can protect the skin from carcinogens like UV radiation generated by the sun. 

Drink Lemon Balm Tea

Lemon balm tea is believed to have skin health benefits. When applied topically, lemon balm leaf adds moisture to dry skin. It is rich in nutrients that may promote skin health. Research reveals that lemon balm tea can promote the healing of damaged skin. 

Lemon balm leaf has astringent properties believed to inhibit blood vessels. The process decreases swelling (inflammation) related to bruising and minor lacerations. 

Coconut Moisturizing

Natural ingredients like coconut oil have been utilized for many centuries to keep the skin moisturized. Aging causes the skin to become dry, which has been linked to an increase in “transepidermal water loss”. As the skin ages, its barrier function becomes less effective, resulting in dry skin. 

Coconut cream is an effective wrinkle facial treatment for ageing skin

High-Level Sound Wave Technology

Recently, technicians have been using high-level sound wave technology to reverse aging skin. The technique is a noninvasive way to reverse the signs of aging. Usually, the technique uses 1MHz to 3MHz sound frequencies to penetrate the skin’s surface. While doing this, it helps ensure that the body can easily absorb water and fat-soluble substances. In many cases, this will increase the absorption rate by 10x.

This provides many benefits such as promoting the growth of new collagen and minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. It can also speed up cell metabolism. Some people have called this technique a non-surgical facelift because it works so well. The treatment works great for improving pigmentation, wrinkles, uneven skin tones, and dehydrated skin.

Since high-level sound wave technology is noninvasive, there is no lengthy recovery time. Instead, the patient can return to work on the same day. 

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