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Are Books Better Than Movies?

Perhaps after seeing a movie, you have probably told yourself that books are much better than movies. So, why are books almost always better than watching the movies they are based on? Generally, the two major reasons why books are much better than movies are the timeline for books and the physical time for watching movies. However, the primary is your imagination.

Books Are Better Than Movies Due To The Restricted Time

When you read Megan Hess books and other kinds of books, it usually takes you a day, a week, a month, or even several months to finish it. Keep in mind that you are reading in your own time at your own pace. You can choose to read while having a break or during lunchtime. Unfortunately, you cannot do this when you are watching a movie. If you want to watch a movie, you have to sit at the cinema for 2 to 3 hours without any breaks.

But why does this matter? Since movies have a limited time frame, filmmakers cannot put everything into the movie based on the book. Naturally, this can make the book much better. The books include everything while the movies do not. Simply put, there is so much stuff in books which cannot fit in movies.

The Details In Books Can Span In Decades

The best example for this in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. A series of three books developed into a series of three movies all directed by Peter Jackson. Why are movies not better than books? The timeline of the books spans decades, and even more. Sometimes, Tolkien will provide more details on each character’s thoughts and what they do and say, which cannot be done in a 3-hour movie. Most probably, there will be some things that will be left out, leaving people feeling upset. Therefore, books are way better than the movies. Not all the book’s events can be found in the movie, making the book always feel better.

Some Personal Details Are Often Missed Out In Movies

If you have already read the book, you will probably notice some characters or personal details not in the movies, which can be very upsetting since the movie does not feel complete without these parts. Since it is not there, you will feel that the things that personally link you to the book are missing. Hence, the movie is not complete, making the book feel better. It seems impossible for the director to know your connection to the book.

With Books, You Can Use Your Imagination

The primary reason why books are better than movies is that you will get the chance to use your imagination. When reading megan hess books, you will start developing images of the characters in your mind. You can imagine the look of the landscapes as well as the whole world. Your mind will start imagining the world and everything in it.


As the reader of the book, you will be the one filling in the details. You will be creating your world based on your own experiences. In making movies, the director will dictate everything. That is why movies can’t be as good as books. Even if the writer tells the story, you are the one creating the world based on your imagination.

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