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List of Best Rakhi Gifts For Brother Under 200, 500, 1000 Rs

The relationship between brother and sister is extraordinary and respectful in every factor of the earth. Raksha Bandhan is a day of love, trust and respect between every sibling. The famous day has mainly celebrated in India as a symbol of the bond. Every brother and sister wants to buy a special and innovative gift for this celebration. Sisters are very emotional, so they always want to give something unique and touchy gifts. All sisters want to give Rakhi Gifts for Brother and Bhabhi.

unique rakhi gifts for brother

Rakshabandhan is a festival of protection, love and lots of gifts. The person who is growing up with you must love you most. If your brother is living outside you must worry how can I send my brother Rakhi? Don’t worry about it. You will give your gifts to your brother through the Courier service or send them online. Are you thinking about what is the best gift for bro? You can try to search for the best rakhi gifts for sisters under 200. We give some suggestions like photo frames, personalized coffee mugs, chocolates etc. So you will select the best gift for your dear brother.

Unique Rakhi Gifts for Brother under 200, 500, 1000 Rs.

Personalized Mugs and Pillows

There are new trends in customised coffee cups and pillows. They are available now at a few retail shops. We suggest some reputated stores like Ferns and Petals, Archie‘s. You can find here various rakhi gifts for brother under 500. These products are not enriched with temptations. These are innovative items that you can present to your brother. These gifts can be the best rakhi gift for brother under 200.

Personalized Mugs and Pillows - Rakhi Gifts For Brother
Personalized Mugs and Pillows

Socks and Boxers

If the age difference between you and your brother is not so much, then you both have grown up together. So you both are watching famous cartoon shows such as Shinchan, Tom and Jerry and other popular shows together. Your bonding is very strong with him. So what gift to give to your brother on rakhi? You can surprise him by giving him an exotic gift like the cutest socks or a boxer.


Socks and Boxers - Best Rakhi Gifts For Brother Under 100

Gift plants

Green plants are enhancing our home décor. They spread cleanness and fresh air into the house. What is the best gift for your brother on Rakhi? You find several types of houseplants. Plants are a sign of the ever-growing relations. Plants are organic items that can be found in the water. Blossoming plants like orchids, sunflowers and many types of trees have separated into two categories. Non-flowering plants only give greenery. There are various options for your brother, you just choose the better one.

Gift plants - Best Rakhi Gifts For Brother Under 500

Chocolate gift boxes

What is the best gift for Rakshabandhan? The Answer is Chocolate. Chocolate is a favourite item and everybody loves it. Sweet things are fortunate for any Indian occasion. When it is the day of Rakshabandhan, there is no alternative. So on a special day, you can give your brother or sister a chocolate gift box. I am sure he or she enjoys this. The value of the gift box is more precious than any other gift.

Chocolate gift boxes - Best Rakhi Gifts For Brother Under 200

Statue of God and Goddess

We pray to God for relieving tensions, and anxiety and get security. We all human beings are deeply devoted to God and Goddess. So their symbols are precious to us.  It can be a perfect gift for Rakhi. You can buy them as rakhi gifts for your brother for under 100 rupees or more than that. These statutes are images of lifelong glory. On this occasion, the image of Ganesha is very popular. Ganesha Ji is a Hindu God who always clears all obstructions. This God gives good luck to us and especially in the family. The Statue of Lord Ganesha is an incredible gift.

Statue of God and Goddess - Best Rakhi Gifts For Brother Under 100

Photo frames including tabletop

Photo frames or picture frames are creating elegance in our life. Hanging frames are very popular and when we decorate our houses with this thing, it adds extra beauty to the home. We can place it in the hall, bedroom or office also. photo frames are remembering our memories. What is the best gift for a brother on rakhi? Yes, photo frames and picture frames are also very innovative gifts for rakhi. It shows the childhood memories and the example of the arts. Table tops are extraordinary products for this day.

Photo frames with tabletop - Best Rakhi Gifts For Brother Under 500

Stylish Watches

If your brother like trending fashion then you must give him a stylish wristwatch. This gift is precious and always remember this special occasion. When your brother will wear it I must say he will miss you.

Stylish Watches - Best Rakhi Gifts For Brother Under 1000

Leather Wallets

Money is important to everybody’s life.  So the value of the money carrier is similarly important. Leather wallets are unique gifts for Rakshabandhan. You can buy a wallet for your brother and he must like it. Nowadays, customized wallets are fashionable. If you will buy it online then search for the best option.

Leather Wallets - Best Rakhi Gifts For Brother Under 500

Leather Wallets

Customized T-shirts

Customized t-shirts are in fashion for both brothers and sisters. If you and your brother will wear it on the Rakshabandhan, that will be looking very nice. We suggest you buy t-shirts for both of you on this day.

Customized T-shirts - Best Rakhi Gifts For Brother Under 200


Notebook is the witness of many unfinished aims, deep secrets of life, and important lessons. This is not only a piece of a stationery item but also a fashion statement. You must buy your brother a spiral binding notebook with a wonderful greeting card. It can be the best Rakshabandhan gift for your brother.

Notebook - Best Rakhi Gifts For Brother Under 1000

Customized AirPods Case

AirPods are very fashionable, so you can gift your siblings an AirPods case. This case is specially made of faux leather and also engraved with the owner’s name on it. The personalized iPhone case has an outstanding look and a combination of dignity and functionality.

Customised Airpods Case - Best Rakhi Gifts For Brother Under 1000

A Bottle Sipper

A personalised bottle is a very exclusive collection. The owner’s name is engraved on it and it enhances the beauty. This good-looking item must be used at the office, school or gym. You can buy it for your brother on this specific day. While jogging or walking you can use it.

A Bottle Sipper - Gift For Brother

A brother also buys for his sister special gifts. Like jewellery, soft toys, ladies’ handbags, personal care kit, photo frames, the sweet combo set etc. There are lots of gift suggestions or find them online.


Rakhi is a famous traditional occasion in our country. It has been observed every year as it same passion. Rakshabandhan is considered one of the holiest festivals in India. It is the festival of the brother and sister. On this day, the sisters have tied Rakhi to their brothers’ hands. They pray for their security and their brothers promise to protect their sisters. It has created a link between siblings and it is also a cultural ceremony. You can express your love and affection through your gift.

rakhi gift for brother

Rakhi expends tribute to the relationship that exists between brother and sister. On this day not only sister give gifts but also the brother buys a gift for the sister. In Sanskrit the meaning of Rakshabandhan, Raksha means insurance and Bandhan shows the action to tie it. 

So guys we hope you enjoy this article about the best rakhi gift for brother under 200

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