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Best skin care routine for working women

From day to night, from sunlight to street light, our skin acts as a barrier to every polluting material in our environment. Taking ample care of it to strengthen it and keep it healthy, glowy, plump, pimple, and acne-free, everyone requires a skincare routine. Due to various factors like hormonal changes, reduced collagen production with advancing age, and societal expectations, which have since long given importance to female skin, there is a need for a good woman’s skincare routine.

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Why Go for Ayurvedic Skincare? 

We all are made of the five elements of the earth, and as long we remain connected to it, we flourish. Ayurveda emphasizes doshas, which are responsible for healthy skin, and a good balance is the key.

It gives importance to both internal and external aspects to give the best results, including pranayama, diet, yoga, and a good skincare routine. It is personalized and nourishing, involving natural products like Ayurvedic Ubtan, Ayurvedic rosewater, and much more.

Ayurveda skincare routine includes three basic steps: cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing. Keeping in mind the busy schedule, it would take five minutes at most. You should include ayurvedic products like Ayurvedic Ubtan, ayurvedic rosewater, and some essential oils for your skincare routine.

Here is the 3-step skincare routine for working women  

Our skin faces ample pollutants every day, and we need to remove them to get bright and clear skin. Cleanse your face with warm water every morning as this makes it easier for dust and dead cells to get out, swelling them. Use coconut oil for deep cleansing of the face as well as the body.


Our skin, be it the body or the face, sheds millions of cells every day, and removing them is known as exfoliation. It is essential as it results in clear, brighter, and plump skin. Use Ayurvedic Ubtan Powder mixed with Ayurvedic rosewater or even with raw milk for better results. Massage it on your face as well as on your body as it acts as a natural scrub, taking out dead cells and thereby washing them with warm water.

You can exfoliate at a maximum of two times a week. This keeps your skin fresh, allowing enough blood circulation to every part, rejuvenating them and making them supple and red. This unclogs the pores and makes skin breathable.


This is done to keep your skin hydrated and fulfilling. This is essential to keep your moisture locked and essential for dry skin as it can cause dry patches and blemishes. It is a minimum requirement for oily skin as it can result in acne, pimples, and patchy skin.

Use Ayurvedic Rosewater, spray it on your face, and lock it with coconut oil or jojoba oil, as the sebum production matches your face and keeps the moisture locked for a longer time.

One can also go for full facials once or twice a month using an Ayurvedic Ubtan face pack and leave it for thirty minutes straight. This cools the skin and cleanses it from the inside. Massage your face with essential oils like lavender oil, jasmine oil, and virgin coconut oil. This gives them the much-required hydration.

Ayurvedic Skincare focuses not only on exterior beauty but also inner beauty, keeping in view the internal organs and their better state for a balanced skin texture. Here are some things that must be included in women’s basic daily skincare routine.

Here are some bonus tips for skincare routine

Focus on your diet, including veggies, vitamins, and minerals in a good amount. Involve greens as much as possible as they have iron, increasing blood production and circulation as well. Have fruits and raw vegetables in salad form, which give maximum hydration, like cucumber and watermelon.

Citrus fruits have vitamin C collagen production and repair skin at a faster rate. Include avocados, green tea, and mushrooms that have vitamin E, which removes free radicals and decreases aging. Cut down on sugar, spices, and artificial sweeteners as much as you can.


Exercise at least five times a week. Don’t go for strenuous activities, instead walking for 15 minutes would do. Walk barefoot on wet grass; this increases blood circulation and keeps the body refreshed.

You can go for 30 minutes of cardio as well, as it helps with the lungs and heart and increases blood supply, keeping your skin healthy and young. Abstain from a tiring workout; get a medium workout. Drink adequate fluids after a workout.


It is a connection between soul and body. Doing yoga and meditation will keep stress levels in check and will result in healthier skin. Breathing exercises will help your mind and your body to relax and let you prepare better.

Go for simple yoga involving stretching of face and body muscles, helping them overcome leniency. Our breathing patterns also affect our skin, making it dull with shallow breathing and bright with deep breathing.


Get enough sleep for at least 8 hours. This helps with proper metabolism, balancing various hormones, and increasing collagen and elastin production, keeping your skin taut. It affects your overall skin appearance and helps it stay hydrated.

A study conducted in Japan showed that individuals with less sleep were less hydrated than the ones who did. Reduced sleep can affect the quality of your life as well.


Ayurvedic Skincare is gaining great attention and will continue to do so in the upcoming decades. And in the advancing age, and artificial things at their best sales, going for naturals can only sustain us in the long run. We are made from earth, and remaining connected to it can only keep us in the best of our health.

Instead of going for soaps containing a lot of preservatives and synthetics that alter the pH and face washes that have artificial ingredients, go for an Ayurvedic Skincare routine and stick to it.  From the hectic schedule, it will only take about five minutes of both morning and night and a lifetime of healthy and clear skin.



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