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Birthday Celebration Ideas – 5 Tips To Have Fun Even During The Pandemic

With lockdown and other restrictions showing zero signs of ending, a lot of people with birthdays during this time were pushed to rethink their celebrations.

That said, gone are those days when birthdays meant going out for a couple of drinks with your friends at the pub. Moreover, with restrictions in place on leaving the home (let alone meeting other people), the traditional way of celebrating birthdays seems off the cards for some more time.

Having said that, it need not be all sad!

Yes, we may not be able to meet and celebrate birthdays with our loved ones (the way we used to!) but there are a lot of things that can be done to make the most of it – even though it means having fun on Zoom/Skype calls.

Whether you want to celebrate your own birthday at home or have taken up the task of organising a party for someone else, we’ve got you covered!

Here we’ve put together a list of 5 great tips to help you plan the best kids parties in Brisbane and make sure it’s a day that you or your loved one remembers for the years to come.Let’s dive in!

1. Start With Decking the Halls

While you or your friend might not be able to throw a traditional birthday party, it doesn’t mean some decoration won’t be appreciated to mark the occasion!

That said, why not start with purchasing different coloured balloons?

Although it’s a great idea to purchase a packet of deflated balloons which they can later blow up and scatter within the room, we think it’s better to treat your loved ones with pre inflated helium balloons.

However, don’t just stop it right here. You could also purchase various other customised party decorations – from banners and badges to candles and confetti.

2. Choose a Special Birthday Card

No birthday celebration is ever complete without a birthday card. But this year, why not take it a notch higher and invest in a card that’s extra special just like your friend?

You can find an incredible collection of Birthday cards online with both sentimental and funny messages.

If you want, you could also look for quarantine or lockdown themed cards and get them sent directly to your loved ones with a special message printed on it. We’re sure that they’ll absolutely love it!

However, if you wish to handcraft a birthday card for your friend, then you could certainly go for it. Perhaps you could take inspiration from independent designers and come up with a design of your own. To add a bit of personal touch, you could send the card with chocolates or with one of their favourite things.

3. Book for a Virtual Celebration

These days, throwing a virtual party is no mean feat – thanks to an extensive number of platforms and virtual experiences!

From virtual magic shows and cocktail parties to online wine tasting experiences and murder mysteries, there are an array of amazing events that you could choose from.

For instance, if you want to enjoy a couple of drinks with friends (albeit remotely!), choosing a virtual cocktail party can be an incredible way to spice things up. You can even send personalised pub beer mates to make the virtual experience a bit more real. Or else, if you wish to binge watch a favourite TV series of yours, then you’ve got Netflix Party to your rescue!

However, if these ideas don’t tickle your fancy, then maybe you could sign up for a virtual tour and explore places you’ve always wanted to visit from the comforts of your own home.

4. Send a Box of Sweet Treats

The way it is with birthday cards, a birthday celebration is incomplete with chocolates and other sweet treats too.

So why not make your or your loved ones birthday extra special by sending them an assortment of their favourite chocolates?

There are several options to choose from, so much so that it could be difficult to decide where to start. From mouth watering chocolate brownies and mud pies to hand iced delicious biscuits – you could never go wrong!

5. Make Plans for the Post-Lockdown Period

One of the worst parts of lockdown birthday parties is that you can’t see your friends or family in person. So why not look forward to the days when you could finally meet and spend time together?

While we don’t really know when all of this would come to an end, it doesn’t mean you can’t reassure yourself (or your loved one) about having fun once the lockdown is lifted – after all, all us deserve to look forward to exciting times that are yet to come!

To Conclude

Well, there we have it – our top 5 ideas to help you celebrate or throw a birthday party during lockdown.

While these are just some ways to have fun in quarantine, you can absolutely come up with different creative ways to make your or your nearest and dearest one’s lockdown birthday a memorable one!

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