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How to Get the Best Range and Prices of Boots and Shoes in Singapore

The cliché “I’m too poor to buy cheap things” is yet another reminder that spending big doesn’t necessarily mean you’re over-spending. On the contrary, if the value is commensurate with the price, then it is a justifiable purchase.

Ironically, you can spend big and still overspend, especially if the value is at odds with the product’s price. And this cuts across every other fashion product in Singapore, such as men’s and women’s boots, accessories, sportswear, etc.

It is no longer news that shoes are not merely necessities to be worn – for understandably fashionable reasons, Singaporeans fancy shoes for stylistic reasons. But the task of getting a shoe that ticks all boxes, both in terms of value/quality of price, can be daunting. Nevertheless, this article has concisely explained essential tips to note when shopping for shoes in Singapore.

Top 5 Tips to Get the Best Range and Prices of Shoes in Singapore.

1. Buy Shoes at Reputable Stores.

One crucial tip is that the best stores list the best shoes. But the goal is not only to get the best quality but also to buy a product at ideal prices that precisely justify its value and real utility.

This is where the issue of authenticity comes to the fore. First, it is worth noting that many stores sell adulterated and fake products; more concerning, these products are listed at eye-watering prices.

However, the good news is that there are genuine stores with authentic product offerings in Singapore. Moreover, these stores enjoy a constant influx of products from manufacturers overseas, as their collections replete an impressive assemblage of shoes for both men’s and women’s needs. Typical examples include SINGSALE, Reiss, and Ben Sherman, to name a few.

2. Buy In Bulk.

Another essential trick is buying shoes in bulk in Wholesale stores. You invariably enjoy discounted prices when you buy shoes in bulk – something you wouldn’t want if you bought in single pieces.

While you might not need many shoes, you can either consider saving until you have to buy in excess or perhaps buying in bulk for yourself and colleagues/relatives who similarly need shoes.

3. Do Enough Research.

It certainly wouldn’t go without mentioning; that conducting comprehensive research before buying shoes is crucial. Ask yourself vital questions, what kind of boots do I want, black boots or blue? Men’s or Women’s boot? What are the best prices and where can I get them?

Thankfully, some software tools help significantly in getting valuable information about products. A typical example is ShopSavvy, a software tool that analyzes the prices of different retail stores. This software can get vital information such as prices, quality and other essential requirements.

4. Don’t Make Hasty Purchases.

That adrenaline to impulsively make irrational decisions at the sight of unbelievably amazing shoes is natural. But unfortunately, it is pretty common for people to make impulsive purchases, which don’t always bid well on finances. This is why it is crucial to take a cool; you can use the five seconds trick and take a deep sigh at the sight of nerve-tingling products.

5. Read Reviews.

Lastly, read reviews. Reviews are experiences of previous and existing customers of using a brand’s product; there’s no better way to know the authenticity and validity of a product than what a previous customer has to say. In this case, sites like Trustpilot are popular places to read reviews of diverse brands. You can also seek an existing user opinion on the brand.


Shoes are necessities in everyday dressing, but unsurprisingly, they are more preferred for apparent fashionable reasons. With the booming fashion industry in Singapore, there’s a considerable rise in the number of brands and stores selling shoes.

Hence, the need to spend right has never been more critical. To get the best value of prices, there are a handful of tips you’re required to follow: research, buy in the best stores, read reviews, buy in bulk and resist the urge to make impulsive purchases.

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