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Braces Versus Removable Aligners: What’s the Best Fit for You?

It is useless to explain that, especially in adult patients, the aesthetic invasiveness of the traditional dental apparatus is often an insuperable discomfort. This is why alternative solutions have been invented, both fixed and removable, with reduced visual impact. It’s called aesthetic orthodontics:


One of the models involves the replacement of plaques and metal wires with white materials, such as composite resins or porcelain, which are camouflaged with the teeth.


This solution is as effective as the traditional ones but more delicate and expensive. Another model is called a lingual device. In this case, the wire and the metal plates (when necessary) are inserted into the inner part of the teeth, making them invisible to the outside. Also, in this case, the effectiveness is high but the difficulty of cleaning the teeth, the treatment times and the costs increase compared to the traditional solution.


Braces (1)

In the race of different dental braces let’s have a look on which of these are the best for you :


There are majorly two types of Braces- Fixed braces and removable braces


Mobile or removable braces:


The removable braces (orthodontic device) can be placed and removed independently (for example during meals or while sleeping).

These dental braces used above all in the youngest (up to the pre-adolescent age) to correct incorrect habits (for example in chewing) by interfering with bone growth and muscle activity in the jaw; to obtain the displacement (even if limited) of the teeth and to solve problems of malocclusion. Also, these dental braces can be used as a restraining tool, necessary after removing the fixed device to keep the teeth in the right position.


The effectiveness of these dental braces depends very much on the behavior and collaboration of the patient because, being able to remove it freely, could compromise the result. And this happens especially with the little ones. Practicality and comfort are high. Also, the teeth braces cost is quite affordable, having various options for installment payment. Today the mobile device can also be used to straighten crooked teeth as they are known as clear aligners who would just make the process very easy.

Fixed dental braces:


The fixed appliance is installed by the dentist and cannot be removed from the patient and must be carried mainly at the end of growth.The traditional model, the most widespread, is composed of metal plates, called brackets, positioned above each tooth and connected by a wire that follows the dental arch and exerts the pressure which necessary to straighten the teeth.


The effectiveness of fixed braces is very high in all cases, also because patients cannot remove the appliance. This is a solution that requires particular attention to oral hygiene and nutrition (brushing teeth thoroughly after each meal, avoiding hard or sticky foods and anything that could damage the appliance).

Choosing the right type of braces:


So here, you can see that both are a progressive set of braces that push the teeth into the desired position. The braces are changed every 2-3 weeks (to allow the progressive movement of the teeth) and should be worn for at least 20 hours a day, so they can be removed only for eating, brushing teeth or in exceptional cases.


It is a practical and discreet solution, almost invisible, and therefore loved by adults. The cost is also similar to that of the other appliances. It requires collaboration and discipline on the part of the patients, if the aligners are not worn, it does not work!

Dental device and orthodontic braces for adults:

As the title also anticipated, the orthodontic appliance has no age. So, before summing this and giving a verdict, we would like to remind you that, although many associate the dental appliance with children or adolescents, actually orthodontic removable braces can be extremely useful even in adults.


Indeed, today, thanks to the innovative solutions and discreet and almost imperceptible orthodontic treatments, there are more and more men and women who can resort to the dental braces to treat themselves to the healthy, beautiful and safe smile they have always wanted. All without compromising the aesthetic and social aspect during the treatment. There is an orthodontic solution for every need and every age.


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