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Can Cosmetic Tattooing Enhance the Makeup Industry?

Cosmetic tattooing is also known as permanent makeup. Cosmetic tattooing has become a taboo these days. Modern technology has improved beyond our imagination.

It helps women of all ages. The semi-permanent makeup will not only enhance your beauty but also give you a natural look.

It will provide you with much more appeal than your natural look. Many women go for cosmetic tattooing because:

  • It saves your time, applies makeup, and removing that is a tiring job and time-consuming too. Semi-permanent makeup saves your time.
  • If you have any physical issues or any flaws in your body, this will correct that. For example, eyebrow scars, plucked eyebrows, uneven or pale lip color, eye definition.
  • Women who suffer from watery eyes or poor vision try cosmetic tattooing.
  • Last but not least, if you want your makeup to last, this would be the best option. You can wear this for an entire period of time.

Decorative body tattoos vs cosmetic body tattooing

Decorative and Artistic body tattoos last for a longer period. These tattoos are very bright and bold. These are nothing but body art.

This type of tattoo makes a statement, or sometimes it tells a story too. Bold inks are used to make body tattoos.

Because of the bold inks, these tattoos last. But with time, the tattoos get fade away; then you have to fill the color. When your skin gets exposed under the Sun, the tattoo gets changed over time.

On the other hand, cosmetic tattoos are applied just to improve facial features, and they make facial changes.

This is also considered that things which suit you now may not fit after a few years. Cosmetic tattoos use pigment other than ink. Pigments are available in soft tertiary colors.

The ink of body tattoo implanted in the subcutaneous tissue. In other words, we can say that the fat layer which lies beneath the skin makes the tattoo permanent.

The cosmetic tattoo is implanted in the dermis. This is the second layer of your skin. So it lasts a maximum of 5 years, not more than that.

Effective usage of tattoo machines 

In the market, multiple cosmetic tattoo machine brands are available, which will give you a flawless look.

Applying those, you can stay free and even sleep; whenever you wake up in the morning, you will look fresh.

This is a revolutionary machine that saves lots of time. These machines and gun kits have gained so much popularity these days. It’s great for those people who suffer from skin blemishes. These machines will put permanent makeup.

  • The permanent makeup tips: These are disposable; they will guide the needles.
  • Permanent makeup needles: These needles are used along with permanent makeup machines.
  • Cosmetic machine tubes: Cosmetic machine tube is the machine end in this portion of the machine which the needle and the tip will go in and slide over. If the machine has steel tubes, you can again use the tubes by sterilizing this before every use. This is time-consuming; so many people prefer disposable tips made of plastic. If you have a busy clinic, then a disposable tube will be the best choice.
  • Pigments: If you need any permanent makeup, use the pigments or inks. A variety of colors are available to do the lip liner, eyebrow, and other cosmetic tattoos.

The cosmetic tattoo machine has a powerful custom motor along with an advanced gear system. This machine will perform quietly and without any vibration.

The patent shell design, cartridge needles, and ink will absorb in the skin faster. Also, you can increase the ink storage in your machine as well.

This is made of LPG PC medical-grade needles. These needles are reliable and safe. The machine is compatible with cartridge needles, and this is used across the world.

Try to avoid those machines that make noise because this is disturbing, which can interrupt your work.

The noiseless machine is stable and strong. You can work peacefully and for a prolonged period of time without any disturbance and heating up.

Advantages of using a cosmetic tattoo machine

  • The cartridges are close mouth tips
  • It consists of medical-grade needles
  • This is a well-round tattoo machine by which you can complete the work with accuracy and have a better grip
  • This is suitable for precise and fine work
  • Tattoo machines are very light weighted so that you can use them properly
  • Some machine comes with a cap; this provides you with more safety
  • The rotation is stable, and the machine does not make much sound
  • Use the cosmetic machine for eyebrows and other facial makeup

How long the tattoo lasts?

There are multiple factors that will decide how long your tattoo will last. How much time it will take to get faded?

When you do the tattoo, the color is bright and dark. It will settle over in between four weeks. You will get the final result after four weeks. Colour get fades with time; some color may change the color, like brown can be changed.

If your skin is exposed to the sun, often the color will get faded. Though the eyeliner tattoos last for a long period of time, say about five years. Lip tattoos last for two to five years. Eyebrow tattoos last for three years maximum.

Many cosmetic tattoo machines are designed with an aluminum alloy frame and also with a powerful motor. The motor runs very seamlessly. Get the machine which is compatible with all the power supply.

Some machines are so unique that you will feel like an actual pen. You can use the machine like makeup, lining or for cosmetic tattooing, etc.

Buy your machine online, here you will get huge discounts as well, which is quite impossible if you purchase from the shop.

Also, you will get it by sitting at your place. Most convenient and easy way of shopping. So what are you waiting for, go and grab the offer.

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