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Clean, Store And Care For Your Designer Bags The Right Way: 6 Vital Tips

After buying a luxury designer handbag, the next step you need to take is to make sure that it lasts long. Although these accessories are made with high-quality materials, they still need proper care and handling to reach their full potential. Remember that, in some cases, these purchases are meant to be an investment. In other words, you’ll be expecting added value returns. Whether you consider your buy and sell designer handbags as an investment, it pays to know these six tips to keep your bags in pristine condition:


Proper maintenance of luxury bags — or just about anything – starts with correct handling. Below are some pointers you need to remember when using designer handbags:

1. Never Overstuff your Handbag

If you’re someone who packs her handbag like one would a carry-on suitcase, you either need to reconsider your bag choice or reassess whether everything you put in it is essential. After all, the biggest blunder you can ever commit to a designer bag is to overstuff it.

If the contents are too heavy or bulky, you’ll end up causing premature wear and tear. You should also avoid putting perfume, oil, and loose makeup in it without putting these first in a separate case, organizer pouch, or protective lining.

2. Wear your Bag Properly

How you wear your handbag also matters.

While it may be tempting to hug it close to your torso while strapped to your shoulders or elbow, doing so could be detrimental to your handbag. Instead, hold it with one hand. This way, the fabric dye from your clothing won’t transfer to your bag.

You should also avoid carrying your bag in the same hand as something that could stain it – like, say, a cup of coffee. You can probably imagine what this could lead to.


It doesn’t matter if you trade designer handbags or buy them brand-new – cleaning your bag regularly and correctly from the first day you got it is also crucial for its longevity. Follow these tips to get started:

3. Know the Right Timing for Bag Cleaning

You’re probably reading many luxury bag care tips that say you need to clean it regularly. However, what they don’t tell you is how often you should do so.

Handbag cleaning regularity depends on how frequently you use it. Notice the top part of your accessory? The more it gets run out, the more you need to have it cleaned.

Here’s a good ballpark:

If you use your bag daily, handbag cleaning should be done at least once in two or three months.

But if you consider it more like a weekend bag, six- to nine-month intervals should be enough to keep it in tiptop shape.

4. Don’t Forget to Condition Leather Bags

Many designer bags are made of leather – a material that can be daunting to clean. However, there is no task too great with the right knowledge on how to do it.

The first thing you need to remember with this type of bag is that it needs to be moisturized. Conditioning will help add moisture and ensure that the leather is protected against unsightly cracks.

Of course, before you proceed, make sure that the bag is dirt-free. From there, rub a tiny bit of leather conditioner and leave on for several minutes. Once the leather absorbs enough moisture, wipe off the excess conditioner gently.

Pro Tip: Make sure you only use conditioners designed for leather handbags. Never use hand creams and lotions, baby wipes, saddle soap, and even leather cleaners made for furniture and anything else that isn’t a bag.


When the time comes and you need to set your luxury bag aside for storage, you must make sure that you do it properly. Here are some things you must keep in mind:

5. Don’t Skimp the Stuffing

Stuffing luxury handbags before putting them in the display closet isn’t just for presentation purposes. It is actually crucial in ensuring that the item maintains its shape.

Some items you can use as stuffing are:

  • bubble wrap
  • air pockets
  • non-perfumed or acid-free tissue paper

Again, be careful not to overstuff it. Just put enough so the fastenings can close with no strain.

6. Know the Right Storage Solution for Each Type of Bag

If you were able to keep the original box the bag came with, you can use that for storage. But if it’s no longer available, or you have limited storage space, make sure you choose the proper storage solution for the type of bag you’re keeping.

For example, if you have a handbag with charms, metal chains, detached zips, and other loose hardware, each of those attachments should be wrapped individually and stored inside the bag.

Avoid hanging your bag by its handles or straps to avoid distorting the item’s overall shape.

Keep Luxury Bags in Pristine Condition

Maintaining the best condition of luxury bags is crucial in getting the most out of them.

Follow the tips listed here to clean, store, and care for your designer bag the right way.

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