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Comfort Women Dresses–Still, Look AMAZING!

Ask a group of women about that singular feeling they experience when coming across that one dress…the one they can put on feel like they haven’t a care in the world about how they look or feel when they step out for the day or night. They all have one, some even two.

Comfort women dresses–it’s time there were more!

After a year of wearing pajamas and loungewear way too often, it’s time to feel better. Part of feeling better is looking better. When women look great, they tend to feel great too. Reclaim and show off that confidence that others may miss if wearing yoga pants and a gray tunic…bla. SOLUTION? Get some new summer dresses!

Finding the best comfort women dresses is easier than ever. This summer, manufacturers from the highest fashion-forward designers to the more wallet-friendly clothing stores are competing to create and sell the best comfortable dresses for the ladies. So, take advantage!

STYLES of comfort women dresses…what to look for

Narrowing down the search for a comfy sundress or work dress will make the shopping trip a lot faster for all the busy, fantastic women out there. Look for these clues on the dresses before snagging them off the rack for the fitting room:

Neckline:  If it has a neckline that tends to be annoying on the neck or shoulders, pass it up. It won’t feel any better just because it’s attached to a beautiful bodice. Comfort women dresses are the goal.

Fabric type:  Check the label for its material. Acrylic and nylon can often be itchy and cause uncomfortable heat on the skin. Cotton and rayon, however, are soft and breathable. Don’t bother with any fabric that’s known to be uncomfortable in one way or another.

Fit:  Look for styles that let the body move but still lift where a lift is needed. Dresses will be more likely to have built-in, slightly padded, bras to keep the lady parts from falling. Awesome! No irritating bra hook on the spine. 

What the stores are stocking for women comfort dresses

Flowy yet fitted: Wrap dresses are here in droves. Why? Because they make any woman look like her stomach is flat and like she has not one bump or roll. For thin, fit women, this is not an issue, but still, wrap-around dresses that tie on the upper waist side are super comfortable for ladies thick or thin.

Wide straps:  Straight dresses with wide over the shoulder straps are another hot style for women comfort dresses because any bra will work (no need to wear a halter strap that pulls on the back of the neck all day or a strapless that must be shimmied up every ten minutes–annoying!)

Fabrics that feel good:  Finally, department stores and other dress hopes have realized that blended fabrics make women feel the most confident. A polyester/cotton is great for breathability and stays wrinkle-free. Then, there’s a polyester/rayon blend that’s even airier and doesn’t wrinkle. So, women and gals can carelessly look totally “together” at all times.

Be Comfy Without Looking Lazy…Look GORGEOUS

This year, women can leave the stretch capris and tees at home. Everyone’s up for some comfy, easy-wear dresses this summer to make them feel amazing wherever they have to go…work, a hot date, hanging with friends, shopping, anywhere. Comfort women dresses are where it’s at!

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