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Two Things you Need to Consider for Creating a Stylish Motorcycling Outfit

The badass ladies among us know that it is important to stay safe while riding a motorcycle. However, not all motorcycle clothing fits our curves and different body types well. Finding motorcycle clothing that looks amazing on you can give you a big confidence boost and help you feel comfortable and self-confident when you hit the road, but it is not easy. Some pieces of clothing are more helpful than others for creating the look that you want to achieve, while still staying safe on the road. Keep reading to find out how to style your motorcycle outfit and look amazing while riding your bike.

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Buying a motorcycle helmet that fits your outfit

Wearing a motorcycle helmet is important and everyone who rides a motorcycle should wear one, even for short trips. Accidents happen quickly and often when you least expect it. Motorcycle helmets are lifesavers and will protect your neck and head during impact. It is important to always buy a helmet that has DOT or ECE certification. Certified helmets have a sticker on the back with the name of the certification.

A problem that motorcycle helmets can give while you’re trying to look stylish is that they can be quite bulky and round. Besides their notably bulky look, most of them also have strange colors that could clash with your outfit. Imagine firstly what you want your motorcycle gear to look like. Would you like a tough and bad-ass look? Then you could opt for a black helmet, or a black helmet with colorful accents in red, blue or yellow. For a more open and friendly look, choose a colorful helmet, such as one in orange, red, or pink. Sun visors are not only useful to have during your ride, but will also give you a professional look.


Pick a pair of good looking motorcycle shoes

A lot of people wear their own shoes while they are on the road, but this is not a great idea. If you fall and the bike lands on your ankle or feet, they might get crushed under the weight of your heavy motorcycle. To protect your feet, ankles, and even legs and knees, motorcycle boots were invented. These boots are enforced with protective materials and come in many heights, such as ankle boots, knee-high boots, or over-the-knee boots. These boots protect different parts of your legs and can be as long as you want.

A big downside of motorcycle boots is that you cannot comfortably walk in them for a longer time. Motorcycle boots are made to protect you, but are also made with the idea that you will only be on your bike and are not going to walk in them. Walking into the gas station to buy a cup of coffee won’t be a problem, but if you want to use your bike to commute, you might have to bring another pair of shoes.

Avoiding this problem is actually really easy, because nowadays there are plenty of stylish options regarding motorcycle shoes. Some shoes are made to look like sneakers, but offer much more protection because of integrated protective patches. They are much more complementing to your day look, should you use your bike for commuting. These shoes are made to wear both on the bike and in daily life, so that you can walk around with shoes that complement your outfit, without having to change pairs once you arrive at your destination.

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